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Mark Pages

Mark Pages is an opened minded person, who has an interest in the analysis of all types of information that is sometimes not available on mainstream TV or media.  For almost 20 years, he has reviewed and analysed a myriad of information in many subjects.

His main daily business efforts in the area of development of alternative energy, such as micro-algae for bio-fuels & Photo-Voltaic solar energy. In addition his activities focus on the natural growth of micro-algae, for the extraction and purification of high value nutrients such as; pure omega oils, proteins, anti-oxidants, natural colourants and pure high value nutrients.

He is also active in the development of an eco-village project, sharing an interest in methods of living in increased harmony and balance, both in the personal inner and outer worlds.

In addition he practises yoga & mediation.

His focus is the freedom and sharing of knowledge to all people, and the evolvement and development of the human species.

Mark originates from Australian and strives to provide many international insights/stories, which are sometimes not always recognised or easily available in The Netherlands or Europe.


Wie naar buiten kijkt, droomt. Wie naar binnen kijkt, ontwaakt.

Carl Gustav Jung, Zwitsers psychiater

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