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(Crowhouse) Surviving the Matrix is the new show of Maxwell Igan / the Crowhouse on The Peoples Voice TV. Well worth watching! Below is a short quote he made on the show: 

Some of the popular misconceptions in our society is "where attention goes, energy flows". "Don't give your attention to evil because by doing so, you are creating it when realy you are turning your attention". If you face the evil that exists you can neutralize it simply by giving it your attention. This is a concept that where your attention goes, energy flows and thus you create that what you fear is a popular misconception and is a programme, a new age programme and that has been put in place, put in peoples minds by the system to prevent people from ever addressing the evil and corruption that exists in the world. Because the truth is, if enough people actually became aware of the control grid and turned to face it then it would implode.

Episode 1 Whats The Problem?

Episode 2 The Energetic Universe

Episode 3 Overcoming the Human Dilemma

Episode 4 Signs of The Times:

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