Full lecture Judy Wood: where did the towers go?


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(Earth-matters | Eveline Peters) In searching for the truth about the 9/11 attacks Dr. Judy Wood seems to be the only expert who does not start out with a theory but with the evidence. This proofs to be the only way to discover the truth, especially when the evidence suggests a technology that has never been used before. Any theory that starts with a known technology (fire, explosives, thermite) is thereby doomed to fail because they do not consider the unknown.

Judy Wood examines a load of photographic and testimonial data in her book 'Where did the towers go?': http://www.earth-matters.nl/106/3405/boeken/where-did-the-towers-go-evidence-of-directed-free-energy-technology-on-9of11.html

The known alternative theories to the official story of 9/11, those that suggest controlled demolition and the use of thermite, do not suffice to explain all the evidence. What can explain the burned out and upside-down cars at particular locations in respect to the towers? And why are the cars 'burned' but not the trees and the paper in the streets? Where has the debris of the towers gone? How can it be that the foundation and the parkinggarage underneath the towers did not collapse?

Dr. Judy Wood answers these questions and more in the lecture she gave at the Free Energy Conference in Hilversum last year:

Direct link to Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NbBxDGSkI

Source article: Earth Matters

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Eveline Peters

Wat ben ik ontzettend blij dat ik hier bij earth-matters terecht ben gekomen en met open armen ben ontvangen! Enerzijds sta ik nog relatief aan het begin van een proces van bewustwording maar anderzijds ben ik er eigenlijk al mijn hele leven mee bezig...

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