Expedition to the beyond: Heart-tribe goes Maya


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(Trevolta) You can join! With help of Trevolta we share various teachings regardless of individual budgets while we explore in Mexico and Guatamaya.

Expedition to the beyond. Heart-tribe sharing. Here we grow... dancing, breathing, walking on fire and experiencing presence from the Galactic Mayan perspective.

This Expedition is yogic in essence. It is not a 'retreat', it is an advance! For we move forward, we evolve. We want to make this possible for all who wish to attend, also those who might not have the budget to normally do so. What is being offered is an in depth exploration of various aspects of:

  • Source Breathwork Rebirthing
  • Firewalks
  • Shakti Dance & Dance
  • Study of Cosmic Science & Dreamspell Technology (13-moon/28-day 'Maya' calendar)
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Diving (+ certification)
  • Ceremony and Advanced Meditation at Mayan Temple complexes
  • Medicine and Shamanic Ceremonies
  • Artistic Expression & Nature Excursions

A whole other matter
Visiting sacred sites is one thing, but embodying the wisdom they communicate, is a whole other matter. What makes this trip unique, exciting and extraordinary is that we offer the opportunity to self-initiate into the mysteries of the Galactic Maya and how it operates in tandem with other schools of wisdom, the wisdom of mother nature and it's lightness of being! Feel free to support or join! We are skilled Heart Tribe transformation facilitators on an Expedition to the Beyond for evolutionairy purposes.

Put the world on pause, align with the Divine, synchronize with the universal order by learning the true depth and presence of the wisdom teachings of the Galactic Maya through experience in the energetic environment they left for us to explore. You are invited to join, with your presence or your support. We will raise our frequencies in effective ways that facilitate transformation and challenge our best for personal and planetary benefit.

Expedition to the Beyond?
The aim is to enable you to observe and interact with internal states of consciousness primarily by learning how to concentrate, operate and focus the mind and breath in order to become a medium of transformation embodying a super conscious level of reality.

Our foundation is presence, reflected in the 13-moon calendar and the Dreamspell technology it is based on. We visit and give thanks to the various places through which these teachings came to this world. Among them are Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum, Bacalar, Tikal, Yaxchilan, Palenque and Atitlan. We make this tour as a service to all of creation. It is our Dharma. In the last years we have made expeditions to Greece, Mexico and India. In the future we project to share in Latin America, Europe, Oceania and wherever we are guided.
We all pay; cash or karma...
An essential part of the teachings, for which we are grateful to have Trevolta, is the financial aspect. We organized discounted prices for food and lodging from our selected venues along the way. These are for all budgets: shoestring to eco-chique. We wish to offer our services on a donation base to be able to serve all. So not having money can NEVER be an excuse not to practice. How easy this is misunderstood as being a free teaching. We all pay; cash or karma... ...and if you come empty handed, you go empty handed.

With your financial support via Trevolta you make it possible for a seeker to find profound treasures in the depth of Self. Support us, and if you can, join us! Please do so by following us online, by working on yourself, by informing your friends, by including us in your meditation and, since you are here, by financing our efforts.

Your contribution via Trevolta will be used to cover part of the expenses for:
- the travel, lodging, admission fees and nutrition of our core team;
- the rental of yoga floors and other facilities to share practice;
- offerings to Ancestors and support for local hosts and relevant local intiatives;
- support souls with limited means that wish to join;
- documentation and publication.

We travel with modest local means and low fare airlines.

If we exceed the basic financial requirements of $5200, we are able to facilitate guest teachers and make this expedition ever more powerful and effective...

Love is trust, love is consciousness. The heart knows.
We need each of you as backers and sponsors to make our collective time-travels become a reality. You give us your energy/money in the form of digital currency and love and trust. That is what it comes down to. But why would you do a crazy thing like that? Because we have inspired you. That is why! Love is Love. 

Redefine 'Crisis'
Let’s redefine this ‘crisis’, by returning to Presence. It is impossible to overcome a crisis if you don’t understand what is causing it. Many of us have a deep inner longing to return closer to nature and to our essence. Most of us don’t realize that this is easy to do. But it takes an act of courage and an overcoming of mental laziness.

We are called to take life into our own hands. Each of us is responsible for his/her own process. This expedition is intended for those souls who feel a calling to go much, much deeper…

Projected dates and locations
Tulum: 1st 10-day GAP-run gathering of the Heart-Tribe.
31 Oktober – 9 November 2014
Getting in the flow and empowerment and personal goal setting based on yogic dicipline.
Shekinah will be the start of this Heart-tribe Expedition to the Beyond. During the 1st 10-day GAP-run we will tune in to the Galactic Mayan Mind stream. We will do our first Firewalks. Full moon is for the Temazcal (Sweatlodge). The Heptad paths 15 and 16 will guide us: Free Will Evolves Prophecy & Awareness Evolves Timelessness.

Giving thanx in the Yukatan: Ceremony at Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Coba, Tulum,
Tulum: Heart of the mystical 7th.
18-25 November
The second chapter of the Star Tour we aim to dive! Diving deep into advanced breathing techniques on the shore of paradise beach and the underwater beauty of the Riviera Maya. We organize the opportunity to get your diving certification at a special Heart-tribe discount.
Overtone Moon Kali 4, until Overtone Moon Silio 7. Awareness Evolves Vision and Timelessness Evolves Intelligence

Bacalar: Water's wisdom
1-7 December
Bacalar means the lagoon of seven shades of blue. Here we continue our yogic dicipline, while we heal with Janzu water massage, emphasize source breathwork rebirthing and sail with a catamaran. Overtone Moon Silio 17, until Overtone Moon Gamma 23.

Deep Jungle GAP-run: Tikal, Deep Jungle & Yaxchilan.
10 – 19 December 2014
This is a very challenging part of our trip. Experienced travellers only!
We leave for Tikal (Guatamaya) through Belize. It will be a self-initiation into our own El Dorado/Golden Temple/Physical bodies, deep deep in the Guatamayan jungle, real magic, non-existent roads, so we will be on foot. After our return from the deep we travel on to Yaxchilan and the Garden of Eden in Palenque. Vision Evolves Intelligence & Meditation Reflects Evolution of Knowledge. Overtone Moon Alpha 26, until Rhythmic Moon Silio 7.
Nan Chan Kan, Palenque: Heptad to the Heart of Prophesy
21 – 28 December 2014
Ceremony on the temple grounds of Pacal Votan, the very heart of the Prophecy of the Maya.
More firewalks, Shakti-dance, gardening in Eden and ever more study and yogic practice. Rhythmic Moon Seli 9, until Rhythmic Moon Seli 16. Self-Generation Catalyzes Evolution of Love & Enlightenment fulfills Evolution of Prophesy.
Aqua Azul & Tzajala: Connecting the dots
Aqua Azul is another stunning example of Mother nature. Also on the way to our last destination is a visit Maya Elder Abuelo Marzo Zoque Yuk Quetzal in Tzajala.

Lake Atitlan: Journey to the Heart
31 December – 3 January 2015
What better way to complete our Expedition in the Maya Heartland Lake Atitlan on a vulcano! Hemmingway called it the most beautiful lake on Earth. Here we celebrate the heart by means of Shakti Dance, advanced meditation, fire walk and remembrance of all the gifts received during this amazing Expedition. Rhythmic Moon Alpha 19, until Dali 22. Enlightenment fulfills Evolution of Prophesy & Navigation Synchronizes Evolution of Intelligence

Let's say it again; Love is trust, love is consciousness.
We need you as backers and sponsors to make our collective time-travels become a reality. You give us your money, love and trust. But why would you do a crazy thing like that? Because we have inspired you. That is why!

Thank you so much for your consideration and support!

Source: Trevolta 

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