Wim Hof on mastering your breath, body and mind

Wim Hof

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(lewishowes.com) The Iceman aka Wim Hof is an absolute legend in the world of endurance sports, science, health, and mindfulness. I’ve been hearing about his absolutely incredible records of being outside in the extreme cold for years (he currently holds 26 world records). But it wasn’t until he came by the studio for an interview that I got to experience the full wisdom and impact of Wim. 

First, he put me through an intense and powerful breathing exercise that released all the stress from my body and mind. Then, shortly after the interview started, he put me through another one. 

We got deep into the science of what Wim has discovered through his own experimentation with pushing his body and mind physically. And in case you’re wondering — Wim is not a special case. He has taught hundreds of other people to do what he does. 

Source: lewishowes.com

How to never get sick again

Hof has set out to spread the potential health benefits of his breathing techniques, working closely with scientists around the world to prove that the Wim Hof Method works. It is thought from current studies that by consciously hyperventilating Wim can increase his heart rate, adrenalin levels and blood alkalinity. 

Source: YouTube

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