The European community and ecovillage directory "Eurotopia 2014" has just been released!


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(A new we) Another world is possible

Sustainability starts with people getting along with each other.

Intentional communities are seeds for a culture of tolerance and understanding.

The fifth edition of the popular directory. Since 1996 the eurotopia team reaches out to thousands of alleged communities in Europe to collect the actual existing ones in this book. Self-descriptions give an inside view of the fascinating micro-cultures that thrive in a wide array of different concepts of communal living, articles and further collections of addresses complement the directory part. A must-have for anyone willing to look for answers to global problems beyond the mainstream.

    • Detailed descriptions of 430 communities, ecovillages, settlements, cohousing projects
    • A comprehensive inventory of the worldwide impact of intentional communities by Diana Leafe Christian
    • Articles about living in community, about scientific acknowledgement of communities, about successful founding of communities and more…
    • Introduction of community networks with more community addresses 
    • Useful addresses in Europe and beyond
    • Unique literature for everyone interested in living in community
    • 484 pages
    • ISBN 978-3-9812968-2-2


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