If you love the outdoors, here’s your dream tiny house!

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To make a small spaces work one has to squeeze something useful out of every little square foot. Have stairs? Put storage cabinets in them. Or a cat’s litter box. You get the idea. In fact, one of the most under-utilized spaces in a tiny home may actually be the roof; while some may sport solar panels on them, most of the ones we’ve seen thus far are mostly empty.

The Basecamp tiny home, built by mountain-climbing, husband-and-wife engineers Tina and Luke is one exception with its generous waterproof roof deck that is accessible via a tiny “hobbit door” in the bedroom. The 204-square-foot home (383 square feet including the deck) has been made to cater to the couple’s passion for mountaineering, so there’s lots of storage for their gear, as well as accommodation for their two dogs. The home has been designed to be off-grid; in addition to solar power there is rainwater harvesting and a composting toilet.

One enters into the home through French doors that bring in plenty of light into the L-sectioned seating area, which also doubles as a guest bed with its pull-out bed. The secondary loft above serves as storage, plus another big wall of various drawers and cabinets facing the main doors. In the midst of all this is a lot of hidden furniture that can be pulled out when needed, including a dining room table, coffee table, chairs, drying rack and more.

Kimberley Mok

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