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(Michael Tellinger)  One by one the conscious bankers are waking up, realising that they cannot do what they did - shuffling papers and making money out of thin air, while enslaving the rest of humanity.
As time goes by the awakening amongst the bankers will speed up to the point that their industry will not be able to cope with the logistical nightmare it created and simply fold under the pressure of the "exodus of bankers". If there is no one to do the hard labour in the banks for the bankster families, their empire will crumble and free humanity from its financial enslavement.

So, this is a message to everyone in the banking and finance industry...

If you regard yourself to be a human being, be human first and then be everything else you want to be – spread your wings and follow your passion and God-given talents to serve the rest of humanity. Let us conduct ourselves consciously - honour, respect and love all of creation, especially our fellow humans. Together we can create abundance beyond our wildest dreams - and we do not need money to do that.
My new book UBUNTU Contributionism is due for release very soon. It help us understand these simple principles of unity and abundance – without money.


Michael of the family tellinger 

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