Project Camelot: Bill (Wood) Brockbrader Q&A Part Two

Still - Bill Brockbrader

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(Project Camelot) Evaluating Whistleblower Testimony from Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood: Thank you for all who took the time to listen and participate in the recent Livestream follow up interview with Bill Brockbrader. Unfortunately some of what was initially promised by Bill prior to the Livestream event was not delivered. If nothing else, what becomes evident is that what one person considers to be earth shattering or mind blowing can easily be seen as run of the mill to someone else. It all has to do with your frame of reference. In addition to that, as the interview progressed, what appeared to happen is that Bill Brockbrader had stretched his security oath as far as it would go. From that point on, it is evident that he is primarily talking from a personal/philosophical point of view. It also became obvious, at least to me, that there was a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience and so both he and Eva Moore, although well meaning, ended up discussing concepts and experiences that are already out in the public domain and therefore not at all novel or new. You be the judge.

Naturally, Bill's personal experiences seem unique to him. This is understandable. Unfortunately a lot of the material in this livestream had already been revealed in the first interview I did with him. The rest of the material with regard to the Las Vegas police department while interesting is hardly surprising. Actually it would be more surprising if they weren't run by the mob, on the take and corrupt as well as deeply involved in scandals of every kind... What you will see is that halfway through the interview I simply decided to take charge of the process and attempt to get some focus and answers to direct questions that some of the viewers had.

Suffice to say, whistleblower testimony is often full of distortions, blanks and unanswered questions due to the impact that mind control has had on the person's life. In this regard, Bill Brockbrader is no exception to this rule. I suggest that rather than judging him you consider the impact that simple mass mind control has had on your own lives and then try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has that and on top of it joins the military and becomes the focus of intense mind manipulation over long periods of time. Then you will begin to understand what it truly means to be a whistleblower, or someone who has chosen to break ranks and come forward to tell the truth about what they have experienced.

We need more people who have that kind of courage. Unfortunately they are few and far between. On top of that, the very people who could substantiate and stand beside a whistleblower often choose to hide in the dark.

As we enter this time where the veils are thinning between worlds consider how many lies you and people around you are dealing with on a daily basis. Then consider whether you would have the courage to come forward into the public domain to tell the truth about what you know. Consider how you would become an outcast among those who supposedly are your friends and loved ones. Consider how once you take the RED PILL you can never go back. Then look again at the testimony from Bill Brockbrader.

Ultimately truth is something each person must discover one step at a time using their own heart and mind to discern.

Lastly, for those of you who do not understand what my role is as a filmmaker and investigative reporter... please understand. I am not interested in following in the steps of others. Project Camelot has a unique mission in this regard. For more on this mission click on About Us at

Please note: A viewer came across the following link which contains a written expose apparently posted back in July 2011 by Bill Brockbrader on the internet. Some of his statements and the information described there may be useful to people attempting to understand where he is coming from regarding his past, channeling and philosophy. On the other hand, it may simply confuse things even further...You need to decide what resonates with you and what does not.

CLICK HERE for his previously published statement.




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