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(Earth Matters) Even if you think of youself as an 'aware person', reading of this free ebook by Sevan Bomar could have a profound effect on how you view reality. Everything you thought you knew might come into a different perspective, including the way you view your spirituality, how cropcircles are made and what Egyptions and Mayan's did here for example. Whether you believe it or not, it's a fascinating read from a to z. In our opinion the title lives up to it's name. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

(Sevan Bomar) To all the Youth of the World so you may see the path to Ascen-Sion


The race was not given to the quick or the swift, but to the one who could endure till the end, then we found out there was no end.

The unwary soul, who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of Illusion, will return to the Earth as the slave of Illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a “Knower of Self”.

In a time much too distant to consider we as Humans splitting from the single Source entered Duality. Spiraling away from the Creator some spun in the direction of 6 while others spun in the opposite direction of 9, this is the “Spiral Force”. These two forms contain complete opposites, however, it is with their Union something new can be born, this is the sequence of life. Our Solar System houses various Binary or Dual worlds and Earth called first Tiamat is one of them. Once entering this realm the Spirit begin to develop its very narrow definition of things, as in most cases, besides twins, they are lacking their other side. In extinct we create a “stand in” which we call the ego. The ego is wholly constructed of astral energy in which we create and breathe life into everyday. At times not knowing “power” we birth a Monster which we love and care for since after all it is a part of us, our baby.

At some point in incarnations or loops one realizes they must begin the quest of taming the Monster. They realize they must flip it over and ride it. At that moment they also see how strong it has become as it is stuck in its ways, rigid in form, brutish and ineloquent. In that condition we can take it nowhere just as you never take a street dog into a royal party. The work before us then was to take this rough cut stone and form it into a chariot of fire that could propel us through the center of the Universe, it is there we will meet our other half. In this realm that is the meaning to life.

To help us through this whole process and all of its components the Most High developed a system based upon the energies of the entire Universe. Seeing that Humans are smaller composites of the Celestial Spheres it became possible for one to know how to guide their particular life in the direction that would equal the greatest amount of potential for their unique design. In each person lies the pearl of the highest potential, if developed it is a treasure to all existence visible and invisible. This wondrous Metamorphosis was possible of the Human creation, however, as you see in some parts of nature, not every creation has been given this ability. Thus there arose a challenge from lower forms of consciousness that manifested  as Jealousy and thus Spirituality and Religion were created, these are the "Limits". Once again at the close of this time segment the masses will have an opportunity to discover their true form which is not a Word and comes before even thought. It is the Highest. If you but knew.

Consider hot cold light and dark, is there not warm and grey which can easily fit between the two? Not to mention in temperature there is hot, cold, warm, vapor, freezing, and many more stages each having a particular use, some being very beneficial for a certain moment, and useless for others. If someone came to your door looking for a person that you loved to do them harm, would you tell them they were inside or would you lie and say they were not around? If you lied to protect that person is that good or bad? If you ask a Pastor of a Church they will say it is evil to tell lies period, but is better to allow the loved one to be hurt? As you see everything is a matter of perspective. So there can be no good and bad only reason and reason has so many parameters if all things are not considered a person could be left confused, not knowing what decision to make from time to time thus they are left and lost in time. Whatever you do in life let it be endowed with meaning and purpose.

Matrix codeThe world is lodged in the phase of opposites right now, thus we face wars, racism, and extinction of our natural life. What I'm presenting here is the information of the inner workings of the World along with its Creeds, Cultures, and Religions that have shaped our thoughts and actions since antiquity extending several incarnations. We will see how ideas grow over time and sometimes lose their true meaning altogether. In this we will see also how we were taken off track. This due in part by the "controllers" knowing if you take humans from their original cycle they are easy to confuse and enslave. Let us not forget we faced many conquerors in the past, intending to usurp the order of the world and bring it under their sway, this they accomplished, and it should not be forgotten no matter how much the Illusion tells you it does not exist.

The foolish think of Me, the Un-manifest, as having manifestation, knowing not My Higher, immutable and most excellent form. Fools disregard Me as clad in human shape not knowing flesh cannot withstand Me, They have empty hopes, vain actions, of vain knowledge and senseless they verily are possessed of deceitful nature and become un-divine Beings, I hurl these evil-doers into the womb of distortion deluded birth after birth, not attaining Me they thus fall into a condition even lower, without the slightest suspension, proving they are not using the reason and senses We gave them, The Most High

There exists certain systems, mainly language and religion that perpetuate this fallacy of Illusion in a subliminal way. If you happen to be aligned with any of the religions or ideas being discussed, do be careful not to think of it as bad if you happen to hear something that makes you uneasy, after all, many of us at one time or another in this life or in past lives have avowed ourselves to something only to later find out we have outgrown it because we now possess an entirely different set of key knowledge. Everytime we learn something new that is the truth we should celebrate, we are closer to home.

The excerpt of the book ends here. If you wish to read the whole book, please go to the following link: 'The Code to the Matrix'


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