An interview with a wanderer skit - Bentinho Massaro


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(Bentinho Massaro) Watch a hilarious skit on a 6th density wanderer's job interview. The job being: incarnating as a human on 3rd density planet Earth.

Performed by Dave Solazzo and Jo Richards. 

For a synopsis on what a 6th density wanderer is, see: click here 

The term wanderer is inspired by The Law of One, Ra Material: click here

About Bentinho Massaro:
Bentinho’s teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths but remain focused on what works and ignore what does not.
If you want the deepest possible realizations, the most comprehensive tools to live a life of true fulfillment, and you'd like to master all this in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, you've come to the right place.
Bentinho's work ensures that you won't waste any time getting to your desired state of being. But don't take our word for it; test it out for yourself and join a community upwards of 250,000 people that are becoming more authentic – and more fulfilled – by the day. 

 Bentinho Massaro 

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