Relax for 2-to-5 Seconds! - Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massaro

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(Bentinho Massaro) One of Free Awareness' most used pointers, is to relax your focus/thoughts for 2 -to-5 seconds, again and again.

True Relaxation means that we let go for a moment of believing in our thoughts. We relax focusing on things, thoughts, stories and emotions, and instead we rest as we are, undisturbed by all these experiences.

Consistently apply this relaxation-technique to come to an experiential realization of the free essence of every perception, within and as exactly this here-and-now experience. We come to realize the brilliant ISNESS of every moment until we're certain enough of its free and ungraspable nature, that we automatically stop suffering about experiences and enjoy an ever greater ease of Being.

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Source: Bentinho Massaro

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