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(Earth Matters) In de tv-serie Elementary, de Amerikaanse hedendaagse versie van Sherlock Holmes, werd een robotachtig insect gebruikt voor spionage-activiteiten (zie seizoen 2, aflevering 21). Hoe ver staan we af van dergelijke technologie? Uit onderstaande artikelen blijkt dat zowel het Amerikaanse leger als de TU Delft inderdaad bezig zijn met het ontwikkelen van zogenaamde 'Micro Air Vehicles' (MAV's). 

Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory
(TuDelft) Het doel van het Micro Aerial Vehicle Lab is het verrichten van onderzoek aan kleine vliegende systemen. Mircro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) zijn vliegtuigjes met niet veel meer dan 1 m spanweidte en een startgewicht van onder de kilogram. Deze beperkingen zijn op het gebied van veiligheid en inzetbaarheid grote voordelen, terwijl de laatste technologische ontwikkelingen deze vliegtuigjes in staat stelt om volwaardige en hoogwaardige opdrachten uit te voeren. Deze missies gaan van zoekwerk tot geomatics, van landbouwapplicaties tot politiewerk. 

Source: TU Delft

US accused of making insect spy robots
(The Telegraph l Tom Leonard) The US government has been accused of secretly developing robotic insect spies amid reports of bizarre flying objects hovering in the air above anti-war protests.

No government agency has admitted to developing insect-size spy drones but various official and private organisations have admitted that they are trying.

But official protestations of innocence have failed to kill speculation of government involvement after a handful of sightings of the objects at political events in New York and Washington.

Vanessa Alarcon, a university student who was working at an anti-war rally in the American capital last month, told the Washington Post: "I heard someone say, 'Oh my God, look at those.'

Bernard Crane, a lawyer who was at the same event, said he had "never seen anything like it in my life". He added: "They were large for dragonflies. I thought, 'Is that mechanical or is that alive?'"

The incident has similarities with an alleged sighting at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York when one peace march participant described on the internet seeing "a jet-black dragonfly hovering about 10 feet off the ground, precisely in the middle of 7th Avenue".

Entomologists suggest that the objects are indeed dragonflies. Jerry Louton, an expert at the National Museum of Natural History, said Washington was home to large, impressively-decorated dragonflies that "can knock your socks off".

However, he admitted that the dragonfly theory did not explain claims made independently by three people at the Washington event.

They all described seeing a row of spheres the size of small berries attached along the tails of the "dragonflies".

They also reported seeing at least three together. Mr Louton said that dragonflies never fly in a pack.

The CIA secretly developed a petrol-powered dragonfly drone back in the 1970s but the "insectothopter" was considered a failure as it couldn't handle crosswinds.

The CIA refused to discuss its subsequent work but it is known that the Defence Department has been funding research into inserting computer chips into moth pupae to create "cyborg moths" whose flight muscles can be controlled remotely.

Although experts say there are still considerable technical hurdles - not least finding a way of protecting the creations from hungry birds - some concede it is possible that some agency has secretly managed to make something that works.

"America can be pretty sneaky," said Tom Ehrhard, a retired Air Force colonel and expert on unmanned aerial craft.

Source: The Telegraph

Drone aircraft to take over the skies, no place to hide
(Intellihub l Shepard Ambellas) Los Angeles, Calif. — Well people, the public domain will soon no longer be safe in any way, shape or form as aerial drones will soon lurk about everywhere. And yes I do mean everywhere. There will literally be no place to hide and no place will be private. It’s the end of privacy as we know it.

According to reports, three Draganflyer X6 advanced drone aircraft, capable of aerial video monitoring, were purchased used by the Los Angeles Police Dept. recently from the Seattle P.D. using federal grant money. Needless to say this has caused some outcry by the general pubic as some feel the LAPD’s push to use drones will not only further trample what’s left of their constitutional rights but likely endanger them physically as well. However, despite the public’s concern the LAPD is pushing toward testing the drone aircraft and plans on filing paperwork with the FAA which permits the testing of such technologies now allowed in 6 states.

CBS Los Angeles also reported: During a news conference Thursday at LAPD headquarters, Chief Beck said the UAVs could be used in police “standoffs, perimeters, suspects hiding… we’re interested in those applications.”

He also defended the decision by the LAPD to pursue the drones by pointing to the fact that such devices are already “in the hands of private citizens” and businesses.

“When retailers start talking about using them to deliver packages, we would be silly not to at least have a discussion of whether we want to use them in law enforcement,” Beck said.

Moreover, it’s already been reported by Intellihub and others that Compton police are already using eye in the sky technologies to monitor suspects in realtime.

Source: Intellihub

Geplaatst door Eveline Peters

Eveline Peters

Wat ben ik ontzettend blij dat ik hier bij earth-matters terecht ben gekomen en met open armen ben ontvangen! Enerzijds sta ik nog relatief aan het begin van een proces van bewustwording maar anderzijds ben ik er eigenlijk al mijn hele leven mee bezig...

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