Wingmakers: Spiritual Activism

Spiritual Activism

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If you want to view your own motives on how and why you are (or want to be) involved in spiritual activism, this is the document (pdf 4,8 Mb) you want to read.

Very delicate and in depth as is usual with material from the Wingmakers, well worth reading!


Spiritual activism is a concept within Lyricus that originates from the Sovereign Integral (SI) state of being. At the quantum level, it is a very deep state of emanating transmissions of unity and equality to the human family, and by extension, to all life that surrounds it. At a more physical level, the level of the human instrument, it is the vibrancy of the will to understand the human condition in its most disastrous expressions, and seek ways to improve it as a collective work.

The pathway of spiritual activism is depicted in Figure 1 below. It is a simplification to be sure, but the essence of the journey is the same for nearly everyone, and so it is worthy of a closer look.

Something or someone wakes us up. A “bell” rings and we begin to see the outline of a new belief structure sprouting up around us. Perhaps our values shift or we begin to see that what we had previously called “truth” is incomplete, or it no longer resonates with our innermost self. Very often this disenchantment occurs because we have observed that what is promised in our belief system is unfulfilled in our life experience.


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Geplaatst door Arjan Bos.

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