The Alchemists

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Following those on their mission who have been called upon to form the earth throughout four continents...

To all who want to heal and consecrate the earth...


A film by Frigyes Fogel and Christopher Mann

Frigyes Fogel (1972 Budapest - Hungary) was born into a film making family.

Frigyes was a “child prodigy” and at age 9, won the National competition as a cellist. He received a scholarship to the University of Music Franz Liszt at age 11. He is fluent in 4 languages: Spanish, German, Hungarian and English.

He played as a soloist and principal cellist around the world and recorded CDs for Sony Classical and others.

At age 33, he left the professional music business and founded FogelMedia, an independent audiovisual company in Europe.

Since then, he created films such as The Cultural Creatives - The (R)evolution, seen around the world by millions of viewers on-line.

Frigyes recently finished an international documentary titled:

The Alchemists

"Every real artist consists at least of four people: a dramatic personification of a genious, a fool, a saint and a miserable jailbird."

János Pilinszky

Source: Frigyes Fogel

The Alchemists from Frigyes Fogel on Vimeo.

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