Join Sujith on 'The Pilgrimage Towards Mature Masculinity' | 10-16 Sept. | Assissi, Italy

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(Sujithravindran) Remember, our daily living tends to dilute our VITAL MASCULINE energy. That prevents us from standing in our full strength in the lives of those around us. Many of us long to be an immense presence and an awe-inspiring force in the lives of our women and children. Some of us yearn to lead a life waking up to noble purpose each day.

We are each born with a purpose waiting to be lived. And when we gain clarity of that purpose, we suddenly feel liberated and light. All the rest of life conspires to keep us on purpose. Through INITIATION, we come closer to clarity of purpose. Initiation liberates us to operate from the immense power of the & lsquo;true nature’ hidden within us. However, for men, accessing that ‘true nature’ involves stepping beyond our limitations and comfort…..into the unknown. In this choiceful place of not knowing, we will find the seeds that will grow beyond our limitations and victimhood.   

We learn from the greatest men that—like them—we must take the time to revitalize ourselves, reaffirm our life-standards and regain clarity of purpose. Sages recognize 3 prerequisites to such a vitalizing pilgrimage;

  • It must be done in the council of brothers, and
  • It must done in austerity & solitude, and we must be willing to challenge our own limitations
  • We must let go of our old attachments, however dear they may seem to us

From 10th September until 16th September, we will do a pilgrimage starting from Piediluco, Italy, ending in Assissi, Italy. We will sleep in refuges [€15–20/night; you may carry your tent if you like].
There is a great longing for men to reclaim their role as a Mature Masculine. During those 7 days, we will penetrate our limits and set ourselves into the uncertain. We will leave the comfort of the old shores and head into the turbulence of the rough seas. In that voyage, we will set and reinforce some sacred standards for our lives, and we will--lovingly and constantly--hold each other to these standards. We will interact with the elements of nature and participate in a set of exercises and rituals that will expand our inner wisdom, open our eyes to our relational dysfunctions, awaken our muted inner voice and free us from s ome of the past conditioning that control our lives. We will also do a number of rituals and self-attunement practices that will initiate us to our mature selves, free from attachments.

I know for myself, whenever I return from a day like this I am filled with this amazing inner power that guides me through my relationships and choices. It triggers greater attraction in my life partner and inspires admiration in those close to me.
The pilgrimage is offered on a ‘cost + donation’ basis. The pilgrims will cover their own sleeping and food costs, and my accommodation & food costs will be evenly split among all participants. If you wish to make a donation for my support, at the end of the pilgrimage you may……or may not.
SO I CALL ON THE DARING, BOLD, ADVENTUROUS AND PASSIONATE MEN TO JOIN ME. We will be a maximum of 13 men. A week before the start, we will organize the logistics . For those of you flying into Italy we can search for a place to stay. Contact me for any guidance on flights.


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