The Green Beautiful: conscious and ecological dream place on Ibiza

The green beautiful

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(The Green Beautiful - Ibiza) Located in the north of Ibiza, The Green Beautiful is our dream place, with cats, chickens, fishes, many geckos, beautiful and colorful insects, and our two dogs Sufi and Terra. It feels like a tiny tiny village, a guest area consisting of  3 units/guestrooms with shared facilities, our family house, a yurt on a private terrain with our beloved neighbor Mayla, and a lot of nature.

The Green Beautiful is perfect for small families, couples or individuals that like to be in a conscious ecological environment where Love and Mother Earth are common words. Inhaling the elements, exhaling peace and freedom... An authentic place still kept in its romantic values. The sea is our swimming pool!

We use as much as possible ecological products and we care for the land in a sustainable way. The land surrounding the "Finca" (Spanish Farm) is ongoing and a heaven to go on small or big adventures. From the garden you could walk into to the magical forest, all the way up on the mountain or down to the sea, depends which way you go.

The terraces in the garden surrounded by the forest have many almond trees. The garden or land around the Finca has several big olive trees of at least 500 yrs old, cactuses, Agave, Carob/Orange/Lemon/Fig/Peach/Pear/Pomegranate trees. Fresh herbs, wild asperges, edible flowers and wild garlic growing everywhere, depending on the season.

There are many beautiful areas, where you can chill in the shade, meditate, have a picnic, do your practice or just dance because you feel like it! And you might even be very lucky when your stay will include one of our legendary parties which we organize several times a yearJ

The guestrooms used to be stables that are rebuild into romantic farm rooms. The guestrooms are simple, yet very cozy. They share together an outside area with an outdoor kitchen, dry toilet, a bathroom (designed by Veronique van der Schuren)  and a Tinyhouse for small and big children.

We are located just outside of Sant Carles and near the infamous "aquas blancas" beach and many other beautiful beaches. Surrounded by many areas for long walks and (mountain) biking. Hippy markets, Yoga, Health, Adventure, Dancing. It's all around the corner or within 15 to 20 min drive by car. Yes.. in Ibiza you'll need a car..... 

If this fits your vibe and you like to experience Ibiza’s peaceful nature then you're our most welcomed guest at the Green Beautiful!

Sunshines from our family; Unna (your host), Kareem, Fela (9) and Celeste (7)

The Green Beautiful – Guest Rooms – Prices 2016

Our family domain The Green Beautiful, is situated in the ‘belly’ of the most green and protected area of the North of the Island, 5 minutes drive of pristine beaches and the charming village Sant carles.


01-nov tot 30 april LOW

  • Guestroom 2 pers.
  • 50 euro per nacht
  • 250 per week*
  • excl. 24 euro cleaning costs

1 mei tot 30 juni MEDIUM

  • Guestroom 2 pers.
  • 60 euro per nacht
  • 350 per week*
  • excl. 24 euro cleaning costs

1 juli tot 31 aug HIGH

  • Guestroom 2 pers.
  • 70 euro per nacht
  • 400 per week*
  • excl. 24 euro cleaning costs

1 sept – 31 okt MEDIUM

  • Guestroom 2 pers.
  • 60 euro per nacht
  • 350 per week*
  • excl. 24 euro cleaning costs

Additional Information:

  • The guestrooms include a 2 pers. Bed and one extra 1 pers. bed
  • A shared Bathroom and kitchen for 3 guest rooms, WIFI chill out area, Kids playhouse.
  • The room is without breakfast.
  • Medium and High season Includes: shampoo, toiletpaper and basic supply coffee and tea
  • *Week= 6 nights, check out on the 7th day
  • One additional child (0 years – 10 years), no costs
  • One additional person €25 per day extra

You’re allowed to enter all the land which belongs to The Green Beautiful. With exception of our family house and private garden.

Do you want to join this summer?

For availability and bookings, contact Unna: [email protected]

If this fits your vibe and you like to experience Ibiza’s peaceful nature then you're our most welcomed guest at the Green Beautiful!

For availability and bookings, contact Unna: [email protected]

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