Predictive programming and the microchipping agenda

RFID chip

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(Earth Matters) Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda laat de realiteit van de microchip agenda zien en toont hoe de afgelopen decennia propaganda is gebruikt waarin wij onder allerlei valse voorwendselen zoals betaalgemak, gezondheid en veiligheid zijn, en nog steeds worden, gehersenspoeld om ons gewend te laten raken aan het idee om gechipt te worden.

(Forbidden Knowledge TV) "People are living very busy lives these days, working extra hard to keep the roofs over their heads, the food on their tables. Those are the lucky ones, or so are led to believe. "Life in this particular dog-eat-dog system can be stressful. We've been trained by behavioral experts to live our lives as expendable cogs, upholding a cruel and vindictive machine, all for the benefit of a dominant minority of ruthless, elitist criminals, at or near the top of the pyramid.

"This anti-human system we collectively choose to maintain focuses on the perpetual need for money, so as to avoid becoming homeless and destitute. It also tolerates George Orwell's 'doublethink', whereby liars and criminals in the governments can hide from public opinion and keep secrets, for the sake of 'National Security'... allegedly. "Or making outrageous claims about openness and honesty and patting themselves on the back for the wonderful service they're doing to humanity, by exporting Democracy to the Middle East." And we ain't seen nothing yet...

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda from John Smith on Vimeo.

Bron: Forbidden Knowledge TV

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