Project Camelot: Interview with dr. John Waterman on Vaccines

Waterman interview

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"In light of the very crucial nature of the rising debate regarding vaccines, I recorded an on the spot interview with Dr. John Waterman regarding the homepathic remedy that replaces the need for vaccinations as well as delved into the overall intentional nature of the sudden outbreaks of the swine flu virus that we are seeing around the world as it relates to the agenda of the PTB (powers-that-be):
Click here for my audio interview with Dr. John Waterman recorded this evening at 11pm PST from California.

And from an undisclosed and extremely knowledgeable source:
"David Ayoub would be an interesting person to interview on this subject, he has gone down the rabbit hole and has not reached the bottom of yet...

There is much more... let me just say that it has been one of the most effective ways of downgrading most of humankind..."
For those interested I submit the following document from the 1800s about the pitfalls of vaccinations: Horrors of Vaccination

Meanwhile, Kerry and I at Project Camelot are delighted to be in touch with Jane Burgermeister (who will be a guest on our radio show on Tuesday) - and the vaccine debate may well be continued in Dan's Conference workshop from 10.00-12.00 CET tomorrow, Sunday. Click here to listen."

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