Directed Energy Weapons used in Iraq

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(Forbidden Knowledge TV) This is a segment from the Italian TV show, L'inchiesta ("The investigation"), which used footage shot by American filmmaker and Vietnam Veteran, Patrick Dillon. The witness being interviewed, Majid Al-Ghazali was well-known in Baghdad as First Violinist in the Baghdad Orchestra, but like all Iraqi men under Saddam, he had been compelled to fight in three wars over the previous 30 years and had loads of experience with weapons and their effects on people and materiel.

On April 12, 2003, Al-Ghazali was a witness to "Shock and Awe" attacks which erupted in his neighborhood, near Baghdad International Airport and he reported seeing the use of what he determined must be experimental weapons mounted on an unusual-looking tank, which emitted "concentrated lightning bolts," which may have been Tactical High Energy Lasers. Al-Ghazali described the remains of those who weren't completely incinerated by this weapon to be "shriveled to the size of newborn babies."

Despite the chaos of burnt-out cars and corpses throughout the city, US troops were very careful to bulldoze the site of this incident and bury the evidence but Al-Ghazali was able to recover mounds of re-solidified melted steel and strange fibrous material that he determined must be what remained of the tires.

Filmmaker Dillon, who in addition to his battlefield experiences as a medic in Vietnam, has also covered a number of wars from Somalia to Kosovo said he'd witnessed every kind of conventional ordnance that can be used on humans and vehicles. "I've seen a freaking smorgasbord of destruction in my life," he said, "flame-throwers, napalm, white phosphorous, thermite, you name it. I know of nothing short of an H-bomb that conceivably might cause a bus to instantly liquefy or that can flash broil a human body down to the size of an infant. God pity humanity if that thing is a preview of what's in store for the 21st century."




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