Corporate Criminals

Corporate criminals

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( Global Exchange has compiled a list of the top ten "most wanted" corporations of 2013 based on issues like unlivable working conditions, corporate seizures of indigenous lands, and contaminating the environment.

This list is a guide to learn about what certain companies are doing to undermine human rights and the environment so that you can get informed and involved in combating the injustice. Pledge to challenge and boycott these 10 Corporate Criminals:

  1. Shell/ Royal Dutch Petroleum for contamination of the air and waterways of the Niger Delta and disenfranchising native Ogoni villagers by putting their health, safety, property, and well-being at stake.
  2. Nike for exploiting workers in sweatshops, failing to provide safe work environments and contracting with cotton factories that use slave labor.
  3. Ahava for operating and profiteering on confiscated Palestinian lands, violating international law, and misleading consumers of the exact location where their products are being made.
  4. Nestlé for unnecessarily marketing infant formula to nursing mothers, pushing bottled water sales, and failing to stop child labor in cocoa fields.
  5. Blackwater International (Xe Services) for profiteering from sending private weapons and under-qualified contractors abroad, creating opportunities for violence and law evasion.
  6. Clear Channel Communications for monopolizing media outlets, reducing diversity, censoring content and pushing a political agenda.
  7. Syngenta for marketing harmful pesticides to farmers, contaminating waterways, and failing to assume responsibility for harm done to people exposed to their chemicals and the declining bee populations.
  8. Barrick Gold for contaminating waterways in Latin America and failing to uphold safety promises to nearby residents.
  9. Herakles Farms for imposing unwanted palm oil farms in Cameroon, seizing local farmlands, and mono-cropping.
  10. SNC Lavalin for making major campaign contributions, bribing authorities for contracts, and misusing public funds.

Mad? Speak up! Global Exchange has listed the names and contact info for executives of the corporations on our list... let's challenge these corporate criminals.

Want more details? Check out the extended cases studies behind the human rights violations of these corporations, and what organizations are on it!


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