Why is the western media ignoring 30,000 NATO troops in the Baltic?

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Thom Hartmann speaks with Professor Stephen Cohen of The Nation Magazine about Russia, NATO, and our mainstream media's refusal to report on the New Cold War, in which 30,000 US Troops are stationed at the along the Russian border in a number of Baltic countries.

Stephen asks Thom if he's ever heard of "Operation Anakonda"? Thom says, "No."

Well, that's the name of this 30,000-troop exercise along Russia's western flank.

Professor Cohen says that the Neocons have succeeded in making their agenda of an "America Über Alles", unipolar world, ruled only by US interests the bi-partisan policy of the US Government but he doesn't feel that these troop exercises are entirely motivated by the unmitigated greed of the Deep State, which would require that all NATO countries to purchase more armaments from US defense contractors. 

He believes that at least some Neocons actually believe in the indefinite maintenance of a unipolar, American-led world (as if such a thing were even possible) and that this is what drives them.

I disagree. I think that insane, short-sighted greed, weapons sales and kickbacks are the drivers of Neocon-inspired operations like Anakonda and that Neocon leaders plan to skulk off to their ranches in Paraguay after the Western financial system collapses: The Neocon "Endless Wars" represent the Final Looting of the US Treasury and those of NATO countries, as well. (But that's just me!)

Source: Forbidden Knowledge TV

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