The 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability – FREE Online Event 26-8 t/m 1-9

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(Josh del Sol) As consumers, we’re being told that 5G means faster downloads and greater connectivity. As healthy humans and parents, we’re NOT being told about the serious risks to health, our fundamental rights and basic freedoms.

Now, Josh del Sol, activist and filmmaker, and Sayer Ji, co-founder of GreenMedInfo, have teamed up for an important event:  The 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability.

Despite thousands of studies demonstrating evidence of harmful biological effects from 5G and wireless radiation, government is rubber-stamping permits to deploy thousands of new 5G satellites and millions of small transmission sites next to our homes and schools, even passing new laws to strip decision-making power from cities and communities so they can’t fight it.

The 5G Crisis Summit is FREE to attend, and will gather the world’s leading experts, scientists, doctors and researchers. Register here to attend and receive your FREE copy of Josh’s powerful report: 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation

Join us at this important event, to learn more about the health dangers and threats to freedom posed by the 5G roll-out. You’ll discover simple ways to protect yourself and your family, and you’ll learn about the better, safer, alternative technologies which could potentially be implemented. Importantly, you’ll also get the tools and the knowledge you need to help support the fight against 5G, for all of our sakes.

5G wireless… the industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents. Understand the dangers and find solutions in your community!

JOIN US ATThe 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability summit to discover:

  • 5G defined: research, facts and awareness
  • Science about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation
  • Sources of wireless radiation and “dirty electricity” in your home
  • Link between 5G, Al and global surveillance
  • How groups and individuals are successfully opposing 5G
  • Simple, empowering actions you can take, here and now
  • Individual solutions and safer, revolutionary technologies
  • And more!

Your guides for this event are Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji, two iconic health advocates who are known for changing the way we view and achieve improved health and happiness. If you’re hungry for cutting-edge information with life-saving consequences, and want to be part of a movement dedicated to empowering ourselves and humanity, join us for this event!

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