VAXXED II, The People’s Truth, coming in 2019

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(Vaxxed) After the release of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe, the Vaxxed team toured the nation to attend premieres and answer questions.

It was during these screenings that producer Polly Tommey, the mother of Billy, who has autism, realized that most parents attending the premieres were traveling miles just to ask questions regarding coping as a parent of an autistic child.

Polly realized that she needed to be speaking to the people on the ground, speaking to the masses. She needed to help them.

So, she came up with an idea: a tour bus.

In the summer of 2016, Polly found an old RV van and assembled her crew; Joshua Coleman, the cameraman, Patrick Layton, the driver, and Anu Vaiyda, editor and head of technology. They set out traveling across every state in the United States, as well as tours in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The team worked tirelessly for 18 months hearing and sharing these families' stories of vaccine injury. Thousands of people would tune into the Vaxxed social media via Periscope, YouTube and Facebook Live to listen to the countless stories of vaccine injury, relating with the issues and providing support. It wasn't long before these viewers formed a community and became a force to be reckoned with, a powerful voice fighting in court houses, forming rallies and protests, and thus ultimately saving lives.

What the team and that bus uncovered over the 18 months was chilling. It exposed the lies and misconceptions that had been told to these families for nothing but the financial gain of the pharmaceutical companies. Tragic amounts of damage and heartache have been caused.

After the retirement of the Vaxxed bus, the team set themselves on another mission of getting the thousands of testimonies shared with the public. To maximize reach, the team decided to set up a Roku channel, "Peeps TV," not only to showcase these vaccine stories, but also to include holistic health tips, unseen footage from the original Vaxxed film, videos from all our "Peeps Hosts," 11 different mini-series, cooking shows, and more. To this day, the stories from the bus are still being edited and uploaded. Sadly, there were so many stories recorded that over a year later, they are still being worked on by our editing team. We are in the process of finalizing our Peeps TV website; an uncensored online community where members can watch content, engage in forums, share stories and advice, and most importantly, where our community can continue to grow without the fear of being blocked, censored, or taken off the internet.

Polly Tommey and Brian Burrowes, formerly of Autism Media Channel (AMC), the creators of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, have moved on to join Toby Tommey in the development of Tommey Burrowes Productions with the vision of producing the powerful follow-up movie Vaxxed II: The People's Truth.

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