Guided exercise for releasing stress in psoas muscle


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(Ine Timmerman) This video exercise guides you through an easy physical technique to calm the nervous system and releases deep rooted stress locked in the body muscles.

Animals have a natural shaking or quivering reflex after escaping from threats or excessive excitement. Also parents intuitively know that gently bouncing and shaking their baby will help them get into a calmer, relaxed state.

Only two mammals on earth have forgotten how to release their daily life tensions: zoo animals and humans. Holding tensions can cause chronic muscular stress patterns in the body muscles. The psoas is an essential muscle that often stores a lot of unnoticed blockages, with a wide range of consequences.

This simple exercise activates the natural involuntary vibration Psoas Muscleor shaking of the psoas muscle and related muscle groups. All you need is a yoga mat, a timer and comfortable clothes. It can take from 30 minutes to however long feels good to you.

Benefits of this method can be for example: reducing muscle and back pain, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you sleep better, healing old injuries and having more energy in daily life.

When you follow the guided video step by step you allow your whole system to return into a natural state of homeostasis and relaxation.

More information about the Tension Release Exercise method:

Source: Matthias Schwenteck | Frank Griffitts | Ine Timmerman

Geplaatst door Ine Timmerman

Ine Timmerman

Acht en een half jaar werkte ik met plezier als Drama Docent op een middelbare school. In 2014 kwamen er voor mij nieuwe dingen op mijn pad: ascentie, non-dualisme, synchroniciteit, dimensies, Zeitgeist, Thrive, Spirit Science... Ik wilde ontdekken wat hierin mijn waarheid was...

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