Vaxxed - Vaccines cause autism


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(Anonymous Truthseeker) Good day public! We are Anonymous. We are activists who seek to change the system and break the cycle of corruption. We seek to create transpareny in governments and all institutions of public service. We resist those who seek to violate your rights of a human being.

As a collective of autonomous individuals we have no leaders who dictate the message of resistance. Therefore some of us are indeed hackers, who use their skills to make critical information available to the public. Some of us research the news the corporate media ignores or distorts. Some of us organize protests and rallies. We are ordinary people concerned with the state of this world. We are your neighbours, your friends, your family. We are your mail man, business professionals, veterans and your military personnel, and united as this one idea we call Anonymous, we desire a change. A change that is for once in a better interest for the people of this world.

Source: Anonymous Truthseeker

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