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(Healthy Preparedness | Claudia) Healthy Preparedness is where I share with you which of the most effective alternative and natural remedies we should be storing in our food storage so that we can face the infectious diseases or illnesses that take place during a disaster.

I also share with you how you can increase the nutrients within your already existing food storage and what else you can add to it in order to achieve the same goal. 

Magnesium chloride is an amazing mineral that is critical to overall good health and cell functionality. 

More info can be found on my blog: http://www.healthypreparedness.blogsp...

Some benefits of magnesium chloride are:

- Produces and transports energy.
- Synthesizes protein.
- Regulates body temperature.
- Assists over 325 enzyme chemical reactions in body.
- Fights infections.
- Helps with cellular electrical activity.
- Calms nervous system.
- Helps with metabolism of vitamin D.
- And much more.

And yet - most of us are deficient in this simple-to-obtain and crucial mineral for optimal health. 

Vitamin D3 has the ability to be a great protector to our health. It is critical for overall good health and is able to help us fight off infections. It has the ability to cut the duration of the flu by half and, if used regularly and in generous dosage amounts, it has the ability to help us avoid getting the flu (and colds) by 70%!

I'm convinced that vitamin D3 is by far one of the most important supplements that we should not overlook and that we should give ourselves and our families persistently. 

The above video covers the following questions:

Why is vitamin D3 so important? 
Is it possible to take too much? 
What are the dosage recommendations? 
What type of vitamin D3 should one take?


Iodine is critical to maintaining balanced hormone levels. It also helps us detoxify halogens and heavy metals from our body and boosts our immune system. 


Liquid minerals are an incredibly important - even vital - supplement that will benefit us greatly. Most of us aren't eating in a way where we're getting adequate amounts of these critical-to-health micro minerals into our systems - and even those of use who do eat healthy are having a hard time getting these minerals into our bodies because the foods we eat are coming from minerals deficient soils. 

Liquid minerals is a perfect way to make sure we're getting what we need. Pay attention to your body. If you feel that you may be in need of minerals - trying a liquid mineral may benefit you greatly.


A multi-vitamin has more potential than we might imagine. It not only helps provide our cells with important nutrients to keep them working properly but it also helps us to detoxify!

If we're not eating multiple green smoothies and cooked vegetables per day - we are more than likely in need of a multi-vitamin - especially once it comes to protecting our cells from what's to come.

Source: Youtube - Healthy Preparedness

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