Project Camelot "Awake And Aware 2013" | April 5,6,7 | Glendale - Los Angeles

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Project Camelot Presents Awake & Aware - 2013 - Time Travel and Other World. Special Announcement: The Friday Night Speaker Party is now Free for all! This savings has already been part of the weekend ticket however now we are opening this friday night event for all others. We encourage you to come down to the party and bring your friends. Tickets will be on sale there for the weekend conference. 

New location: Embassy suites, Glendale, CA. (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Click on the menu above for the venue details.

Tickets on sale now:

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The Speakers: 

  • Bashar (Darryl Anka) Just Added!!... Bashar is a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occurs! New to Bashar?
  • Listen to "An Introduction from Bashar"
  • Steven D. Kelley - ... Author of "Lasers Caver & Magic".. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  He will cover the Underground base at the Getty, how the occult and new technology relate to time travel.
  • Henry Deacon Aka Arthur Neumann has agreed to come and talk about 'Mars and 'Time Travel'..
  • Richard C. Hoagland is s the founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipient of the Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, author of "The Monuments of Mars", co-author of "Dark Mission:  The Secret History of NASA"...he will discuss his recent findings related to torsion physics and Time Travel.
  • Preston Nichols is the original 'Montauk Scientist'. 
  • Joe Matheny wrote the Cult Classic Time Travel Novel 'Ongs That', and is a Master Software Guru  with knowledge of AI… (now tentative as is MIA)
  • George Green has key information on the 'Financial Meltown' as well as years of Contact with an off-planet race of beings…
  • Anthony Sanchez is the author of 'Ufo Highway' and the soon to be released Project Leonid investigation into drones and the nano-satellite surveillance grid run by an AI called Mother…
  • Sean David Morton is the author of 'Sands of Time', a fictionalized version of true whistleblower testimony regarding 'Time Travel', 'Area 51' and 'Dulce'
  • David Wilcock is the author of the bestseller: 'The Source Field Investigations and well known psychic and researcher into the nature of realities...

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this conference…

Aware and awake 2013

Please help us spread the word!!

Download this poster distribute and post along with a link back to this site!

Update:  Hotel rooms are filling up fast at the price disounted for Project Camelot.  Please do book yours now!

Visit our facebook page:


We need volunteers in all areas, transportation, admin for speakers, ticket sales, and more…

Write to Madisun: [email protected]

Put:  Awake 2013  in the subject line

We also need publicists, advertisers and experts in social MEDIA to spread the word…


Possible Mystery Guest to be announced…

Help us bring Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neuman to speak!!!  Donate to Camelot ... Free Airline Mileage for international travel or via Paypal.

Note: All donations are non-refundable and not tax deductible!!


Are you aware of the Project Camelot "Awake And Aware 2013" conference taking place in the Los Angeles Ca. USA on April 5,6,&7? The entire focus of this conference will be "Time Travel and other Worlds". Here are two links giving details, including a sample of the stellar speakers presenting their research and experiences on these topics. Please feel free to past this information along.


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