August 2017 | Qi-Yo Multiversal teacher training in the Islands of Croatia


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( Qi-Yo multi-yoga offers a retreat program that immerses participants in the different types of yoga heritage and esoteric traditions from around the world. This is a light filled and inspirational opportunity for aspiring teachers and students of yoga. The Qi-Yo multi system approach unites the best of the yoga traditions from the east and the west. Providing an in-depth study of the yoga within the context of the global esoteric heritage, helping students understand the role of spirituality in a constantly fluctuating world.

Our mission is to provide yoga teachers with the foundation to teach from the heart, with precision,compassion and honesty, while honoring your own personal voice and style. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise you awareness and experience your light. Classes will be taught by Swami Agung, Qi-Yo certified advanced training teachers. Special classes will also be offered in Ayurveda and anatomy.

Upon successful completion of the course students receive the Certificate of the International Multiversal Yoga Society, titled Teacher of Yoga. This training is registered by and fulfills the requirements for the International Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification, for which graduates of the program are invited to register. Also, a Level 1 Qi Gong certificate will be granted.

Throughout the wonderful journey of Qi-Yo yoga retreat, you will have daily Qi-Yo yoga and qi-gong classes. Qi-Yo multi-yoga is the first system to unite qi-gong, Tai, and Balinese practices with traditional vedantic.The system came to life in the early 1990s and in January 2013, after years of perfecting it, it received acknowledgement of being the first system of its kind. The Yoga Federation, Assist World Records Foundation, and the city Mayor came together in Pondicherry, India to give it a public recognition. Qi-Yo multi-yoga is also the first system that offers Theosophical philosophy in a wide spectrum of different world yoga sources, spiritual practices, holistic methods, and esoteric teachings.

With roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), or what has been translated as “intrinsic life energy”. Typically, a qi-gong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm mindful state, and visualization of guiding qi through the body. Qi-gong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide, and is considered by some to be exercise, and by others to be a type of alternative medicine or meditative practice. From a philosophical perspective, qi-gong is believed to help develop human potential, allow access to higher realms of awareness, and awaken one’s “true nature”.

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Multiversal Yoga Society
The Multiversal Yoga Society is a not-for-profit formed in 2013 in Pondicherry, India. Its mission is to strengthen and diversify today’s educational system by bringing a more integral and multiversal approach to teaching and learning. The Multiversal Yoga Society believes in educational methods based on extracting knowledge rather than acquiring information. The project offers its newly designed system of education to elementary, middle and high schools as well as colleges and universities. Any institution can include the multiversal education system in its curriculum.


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Johan Herder

Geboren in het jaar 1984 en opgegroeid in Friesland. Met een passie voor film en video in Leeuwarden Communicatie & Multimedia design gestudeerd. Eenmaal afgestudeerd zag ik mijn kans schoon om het even lekker anders te doen! Heb mijn tas ingepakt en ben naar de Balkan gereisd waar ik een half jaar in een community heb geleefd...

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