Fifteen things you didn't know about Earth

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(Spirit Science) Think you know everything about our amazing blue planet?  From lakes that actually explode to a twin planet that crashed into Earth once upon a time, we count fifteen facts about the little blue planet we like to call home.

15. 24 hours. Is there really 24 hours in a day?  What if I told you that that is actually not entirely true?

14. Gravity glitch. There are areas of the earth that, because of their shape, there is actually a different amount a gravity.  Such as around Hudson Bay in Canada.

13. First ever photo of earth. Check out Earth’s first selfie, the picture that excited scientists worldwide!

12. Ocean salt. Did you know that there is enough salt in the ocean to cover all of the land on earth with 500ft of salt?

11. Rocks can walk. There are rocks that literally scoot across the flat ground.  These aren’t little rocks either, you totally have to check this out.

10. Twin planet. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that the Earth had a smaller twin that collided with it at one point. Is that what formed our moon?

9. Heat, can we survive without the sun? Because of the heat from the core we may indeed be able to survive for quite some time without the heat from the sun. Check out this video for more info!

8. Exploding lakes. The Earth has lakes that can explode toxic gases into the surrounding area that can kill people and animals instantly.

7. Unexplored oceans. Did you know that we have only explored 10% of our own ocean?  So when people tell you that mermaids don’t exist, they really have no way of knowing for sure!

6. Supercontinent. Not only did the land on earth began as a supercontinent, but it is actually shifting back into one that will eliminate the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Leaving a mark. Just like the fat cells of your body, as a glacier is formed it stores the toxins in the air. Then someday when they melt they will pour all of those toxins back into the environment. What did future generations think of the pollution we are storing for them?

4. Earth isn’t round. The Earth is not a perfect sphere. In fact, around it middle it almost has a gut…

3. Underwater gold. The Oceans of the world are full of gold. The only downside is that it is spread out in tiny flakes and would take a very long time to gather enough to make it work the effort.

2. Largest living thing. We always think of whales as the biggest living thing on Earth. But what if I were to tell you that there is actually a type of mushroom that has them beat?

1. Super-Earths. Since 2012 scientists are hard at work searching for and finding plants that surround other stars that are in the habitable zone from their sun. We have actually found quite a few!

Source: Spirit Science

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