Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy: Foundations of Project Camelot

Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy and Arjan Bos

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This is the first interview Project Camelot has done on video. As Bill Ryan said to Arjan Bos from Willen Wij Weten... here, "the boot is on the other foot".

In this revealing and personal 70 minute video Bill starts by talking about his own ET experiences, during which he was told The Earth is a beautiful place, but it won't always be this way - and shares a part of that story he has only ever before told a few people.

Kerry taks about her own childhood and paranormal experiences, including her time in New York training as an actress; Kerry and Bill together explain how they operate without fear - admitting to Arjan We just never think about it; and, in quite some depth, they discuss their philosophy about money which led them to agree immediately, right from the start, that all Project Camelot information would always be made fully available free of charge. No-one owns this information, is their position. How can we sell something that doesn't belong to us?

Bill and Kerry go on to talk about how they have always felt helped by unseen hands, and how the most important energy that keeps them going comes when they receive a message from someone who now sees their life in a totally different way. This is the real value of Camelot, they explain. It's not about presenting evidence. It's about assisting as many other people as possible to transform how they see the world, and their place in it.

And there's quite a bit more. This is a personal, revealing and profound interview. We had no idea how it would turn out - but we think you will enjoy it, and it may help you to get to know and understand us better.

Our thanks to Arjan Bos, Dan Bender (camera), Barbara Schiess (assistant camera), Marco Metselaar (organizer of the 1 August Amsterdam Conference), and all our many friends in the Amsterdam Groundcrew.

Geplaatst door Arjan Bos.

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