What happens during alien abductions?

alien abduction

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(TheSpiritScience) What is really going on with alien abductions? This has been happening far longer than we realize, but it started really getting documented in the 50′s. Since then, the number of people reporting being abducted has increased dramatically.  Over the years, there has been literally millions of cases of people having similarly strange experiences.

This is no mass hallucination, this is not a globally fabricated story millions of people are blindly subscribing to. Hundreds of thousands of people who have never met all describe the exact same story when they think they’ve been abducted.

People report being taken on ships and seeing other people they know, they report being examined and inspected. For a lot of us – this happens in our dreams. We interact with many species of different frequencies when we explore the astrals. Many of us have been on ships, to other planets and realities willingly and we don’t even remember it.

There are multiple reasons this phenomena happens; and the story of it is quite strange.

Summed up, the ‘Grey’ alien race has reproduced their race through cloning. After so many times, it’s altered their DNA to a point of damaging it. When they abduct humans, sometimes they take tissues of our DNA to create hybrids. Sound crazy? It’s a very interesting story unfolding on Earth – and many have experienced it. It can be extremely traumatic – or willing for some. Many have met their hybrid children and recall it being a beautiful experience.  

It’s very unusual indeed, sounds like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie but it’s a reality for many. 

Source: TheSpiritScience

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