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(ReInhabiting the village) ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future" is a multi-media book and online community hub project co-created by an alliance of visionary partners contributing knowledge to foster thriving projects, organizations, and communities.

"ReInhabiting the Village" is a 352-page graphically rich, full color, soft cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 60 Contributing Authors featuring "Voices from the Village" sharing their experience, best practices, strategies and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives.

From pioneer Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil offering his deeply-rooted retrospective, to EDM artist ALIA's work in women empowerment, to dedicated educators Ryan Rising and David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador's permaculture work, to Jonah Haas of Lucidity Festival's tips on holistic event production and sacred economics by Charles Eisenstein, the book offers an array of perspectives and resources that are useful to communities worldwide.

Chapter topics include: Heart of Community, Health and Healing, Art and Culture, Learning and Education, Regional Resilience, Inhabiting the Urban Village, Community Land Projects, Holistic Event Production, Living Economy, Media & Storytelling, Appropriate Technology, and Whole Systems Design.
We've also just launched our global Community Ambassadorship program, which offers book purchase at half price, allows you to represent the project and sell books at retail price, among other perks! 

You can order the book here.

We invite you to learn more and join our COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR network here:
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About Re-Inhabiting the Village:
“Re-Inhabiting the Village” is a social movement that features many projects, organizations, cultural and community leaders, aiming to represent the many “Voices of the Village”. The project consists of a 350 page full color printed Book, EBook, and companion Workbook, along with this holistic focused community online resource directory, and community blog page.

This multi-media resource hub was co-created by an alliance of coalition partners contributing knowledge and insight to foster thriving communities in collective stewardship of our planet.

Rooted in holistic living principles, this project offers a cultural dialogue, an inspiring roadmap and blueprint for building the foundation for a more regenerative future through the interactive and on-going shared development of social technology tools, innovative templates, models, resources and information that are useful to communities everywhere.

Bridging the wisdom of the past and the innovation of the future, we take action today to build resilient and interconnected communities working together towards a bright tomorrow.

Source: Reinhabiting the village,  KEYFRAME LLC

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