Wake Up Call | About the true cost of your shiny gadgets

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(True Actitvist | Sophie McAdam) If we considered the terrible things that happen to the planet and our fellow humans every time we need to buy yet another brand new iPhone, things might not be quite as messed up.

Wake Up Call is a short film by The Gaia Foundation exploring the true cost of the electronic gadgets we hold so dear, by joining the dots between the stages of extraction, production, consumption and disposal.

Today we live in a time when there is little to no understanding of how the goods we consume and take for granted came into being. Without this we lack the knowledge to understand the consequences of our consumption, and the power to take action. We have become disconnected from earth – the origin of our health, wealth and all of the ‘things’ we depend on.

This is a very powerful video that really drives home the insanity of ecocide, job slavery, mass media advertising and rampant consumerism. In short, it is an excellent critique of capitalism. If you feel strongly about the issues raised in this animation, please share it! You can also check out some of our other posts featuring similar work by illustrator and animator Steve Cutts.

Source: True Activist

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