How to Oil Pull: for Naturally White Teeth and a Healthy Body

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(Forbidden Knowledge TV) I never heard of "oil pulling" your teeth in my whole life, until I arrived in Rio de Janeiro yesterday morning, from my brother who has been suffering from a mysterious and completely debilitating illness which l ooks as if it's finally been correctly diagnosed the day before I arrived, as Trigeminal neuralgia.

For the past three years, my brother has up until today been unable to eat practically anything without triggering what seemed like a food allergy reaction, leading to paroxysmic migraine attacks. I have never seen anybody suffer as much physical agony as he and it's been the worst thing I've ever had to watch, including some really tough stuff my parents' cancers have caused the past few years.

I was not surprised to learn, from this new diagnosis today that, indeed, Trigeminal neuralgia is escribed as producing the "most painful conditions known to humankind" and was known as "suicide disease" before it was medically identified, because it made life so impossible for the sufferer that suicide was the only way to finally find relief. 

I suspect that his condition is a sequela of a freak accident he had a decade ago, when he fell three stories (around 60 feet), through his neighbor's roof one afternoon, smashed the back of his skull on a pillar's capital in mid-fall, before landing on the cement floor of an art studio, resulting in a "hangman's break" of C2, the second vertebra beneath your head, which can lead to becoming quadriplegic, when it doesn't just result in death - and in fact, the doctor in the emergency room in London said that he'd "never seen this type of break in a living body." After two weeks of traction, the doctors gave up and fused his vertebrae together with a titanium rod - didn't like what they saw, went back in and did it again - but miraculously, my brother never suffered any ill effects, let alone any other broken bones from this mishap.

The recent mystery illness has left him so malnourished and he is severely underweight and he's been desperately trying to learn everything he could to solve the riddle of what was happening to him, which is what brought him to Brazil, which actually has great medicine. My stepfather chose to have his quintuple bypass here, in Rio and at 80, he is back to playing tennis three times per week. (He worked for a 
major pharmaceutical company before it was bought by Monsanto).

One of the many new things my brother has learned about is suddenly becoming trendy in the West but it is actually an ancient ayurvedic practice called "oil pulling", as part of one's daily dental care routine.

Oil pulling is supposed to be great for naturally whitening your teeth, keeping your teeth and gums healthy, stopping caries from forming, re-mineralizing your teeth and detoxifying your whole body.

We're all going to do it tomorrow morning with coconut oil, because of the additional benefits associated with coconut oil and neurological conditions, including the reversal of Alzheimer's symptoms and chemo-brain," my mother having survived 18 infusions and successfully put her cancer into remission for the second time and who is now suffering from neuropathy in her legs.

You can learn all about oil-pulling from the pretty young woman in this video!

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