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(Earth Matters | Agus Judistira) Cannabis is propably the most useful plant in the world. It has about 60.000 uses. There are three main species of Cannabis: Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. The Sativa species, known as Hemp, is very useful as building material, clothing, food and medicinal use.

For clothing, compared to cotton it use less water. For growing it does not need chemicals or fertilizers. It also removes toxins, radiation contamination from water and soil. Hemp is used in Tsjernobil to remove radiation and heavy metals from the contaminated soil. It can be used to produce paper and plastic with less chemicals. For medical use it is even more versatile.

Though this video is somewhat conservative in it's approach, it's still interesting to see how versatile, environmently friendly, easy to grow and use this wonderful plant is.

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