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(Love made visible) Touching documentary on a family that changed its name into 'The Heart Followers'. But change was not only in the name. They decided to be the change they want to see in the world.

To create a space to make love visible in all parts of life. To offer their children a place to grow up as citizens of a new planet earth. It's so inspiring to watch this documentary and to experience that the biggest power is within ourselves. Grateful for who The Heart Followers are and what they do!


(Hjertefølgerne) Inside a glass dome in Northern Norway, lives a family of five. In the inhospitable Arctic climate the Heart Followers have found their unique way of life.

In the garden around the little house, they grow their own food all year round. In this nature friendly shelter, they are protected from all kinds of weather, and lives in harmony with the spectacular surroundings, and the elves in the forrest.

Source: Dealine Media

Hjertefølgerne / The Heart Followers from Deadline Media on Vimeo.

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