Quantum Energy Generator around the corner?

Quantum Energy Generator

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(Earth Matters) De Quantum Energy Generator heeft recent veel buzz veroorzaakt in de wereld van mensen die zich bezig houden met vrije energie. Het is nu afwachten of er mensen naar voren komen die het apparaat aan de hand van de open source documentatie hebben nagemaakt en of het dan ook werkt. Het is nog te vroeg om te juichen, maar een hoopvol geluid is het zeker. We houden het in de gaten. 

(Hope girl) “If you Build It, and Give it Away, They will come.” QEG Full Disclosure.

QEG Core

Free energy has been released to the people. You can choose to be skeptical if you wish, but in time (perhaps just a few short months) the reality of what is happening will become more and more apparent.

Open sourcing the plans for the QEG was a turning point for all of us. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we would like to take this opportunity to fully disclose to The People the full background story behind the last 6 months. We could not speak about much of this before we open sourced as we had to protect our family, our energy, and maintain the integrity of what we were trying to do.

The Results in the First Week:
In the first 24 hours 20,000 people downloaded the QEG plans. Since then it has gone so viral it is hard to get an accurate count. The manual has been posted on many blogs and is thoroughly spread through all forms of social media. So far the manual has been translated into German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish and soon Chinese and Spanish.

Websites are being created with forums to help spread and share information. Here is one of them, and so far there is a lot of up to the minute info being posted here: be-do.com/index.php/en

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Bron: be-do.com

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