Windmill of the ancients | For cities and suburbs: VERY powerful, quiet, clean and even attractive!

Windmill of the ancients

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(Next World tv) Here is a propeller free windmill that can be set up for individual homes in cities and suburbs and provide 25-30% of the power in your house. And they are working on a model that can provide 100% of the power. Now we're talking! Inspired by an Egyptian design of a windmill used to grind wheat, the Windspire spins slowly enough to be seen by birds, so they don't get harmed.

And it looks great! According to an article in Gizmag that can be seen here.

"The 1.2 kW Windspire will produce approximately 2000 kilowatt hours per year in 12 mile per hour average winds while the included internal wireless modem can continuously transmit power production information directly to your computer so you can check your power production at any time. The 1.2 kW Windspire is available now for around $5,000 installed, while a low wind version, an off-grid or battery-charging version and a 3 kW version are all in development." 

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