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(Next World TV | Bibi Farber) What if a community owned its electric utility cooperatively, rather than paying a for-profit company? We have an interesting interview here with the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, who could be a model for the future. These folks want to be in control of their own power supply.

The coop services over 7,000 people in a 5,000 mile radius. They are a locally owned, locally governed non-profit power cooperative. Besides lower rates, customers benefit from incentives to conserve electricity, install geothermal heating / cooling systems and solar panels. Now they are collectively investing in a 9 turbine wind farm!

"Our reason for wanting to do wind is that we want to have local control of our power supply.  We've been a distribution based, and now we want to be a generation based coop, so we will not have to rely on the chaotic California market", says Energy Services manager Jessica Nelson.

Can this be done in other areas as well? asks Peak Moment's host Janaia Donaldson. Might we begin to see a truly cooperative model work in other areas, like water supply? Take notes, this might just be a winning idea for the future.

Source: Next World TV

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