Here comes graphene: it will change more than computerchips did!


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(Forbidden Knowlegde TV) O graphene! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You are the most conductive substance yet discovered, even in the most infintesimal of amounts - Electrical cars will soon be able to be charged with amazing speed, due to your mind-boggling conductivity.

You perform all of the tasks of Indium, the increasingly-expensive, rare-earth element, which is currently used in smartphone touch screens, but which is also brittle and highly-degradable, yet -

You are hardy and flexible and are about to completely revolutionize the manufacture of smart technologies, as well as technologies, in fields we haven't even thought of, yet! 

All this - AND you are the sixth most plentiful substance in the universe!

As a lubricant in many temperature ranges, you ability to deposit single hexagonal sheets of yourself are 
evident, when we watch a pencil gliding across a piece of paper during the acts of writing or sketching, leaving layers of yourself behind.

Some fringey-type geophysicists fret that it is exactly your slipperiness, as you are found in great abundance throughout the Earth's mantle, which could lend credence to the once-accepted and now refuted Theory of Earth Crust Displacement, which ruled the thinking of geologists and geophysicists until it was recently (from a geological perspective) replaced by the much less-catastrophic and gradualist Theory of Plate Tectonics, during the 1970s.

Where the entire lithosphere, of which the Earth's continents are the bits that stick out and which was once thought to have the ability to become "unstuck" from the underlying, graphene-rich asthenosphere of the upper mantle, as an explanation for a number of things, such as the current locations of the Earth's poles formerly having been located in the tropics and vice versa. 

These massive changes in the locations of continents, upon the ever-rotating Earth were once thought to be due to mass slippage of the Earth's crust, triggered by theorized "fly-bys" of large celestial bodies, which "unstuck" the lithosphere and sent it slipping across the astheosphere by the gravitational pull of 
a passing body.

Like the Theory of Earth Crust Displacement, many once-catastrophic theories in many scientific disciplines have since been replaced by more gradualist and stately counterparts.

Because, after all - there's nothing to see here, move along!  
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