Dissipation of the glamour of materiality

Living in a material world

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(Eric Huysmans) In this article I will first define what is meant in the Ageless Wisdom by the not very well understood word ‘Glamour’. Then I will go into the specific glamour of materiality and money and its all-pervading impact on contemporary humanity. I will conclude with some hints that can help us to overcome this glamour.

What is glamour?
Glamour is often perceived as alluring beauty or charm, often colored with sex appeal. Oftentimes the world of glamour is seen as the world of the rich and the beautiful, a world of outer appearances, which shines, glows and glitters to the eye. But in the Ageless Wisdom this word seems to mean something different which is not so clear at first sight. This lack of clarity underscores the deeper meaning of this word. According to the Wikipedia Dictionary ‘glamour’ is defined as: “Magic charm, or a spell affecting the eye, or as a kind of haze in the air, causing things to appear different from what they really are.”

Let’s compare this with the definition DK is giving in “Glamour a World Problem” (GWP). On page 31 he states: “Glamour has been likened to a mist or fog in which the aspirant wanders and which distorts all that he sees and contacts, preventing him from ever seeing life truly or clearly or the conditions surrounding him as they essentially are.”

And on page 72 he compares its nature with that of thoughtforms saying that glamour is: “... a material all-enveloping substance—material in the same sense as thoughtforms are substantial things but (and here is a point of importance) of a less substantial nature than the forms of glamour found upon the astral plane. We are quite willing to remember that "thoughts are things" and that they have a form life and a purpose of their own. But they have a more unique and separative existence, and more clearly defined and more definite outlines. The forms of glamour on the astral plane are even more substantial but are less clearly defined. Thoughtforms are dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined. Glamours are smothering, vague, and enveloping. In them, a person is immersed as in the ocean or in a "sea of fog." With thoughtforms, he is confronted or faced, but not immersed.

The common factor in the Wikipedia definition and in the quotes from DK is that glamour is “a kind of haze” or like “a mist or fog” in which we are (on the astral or emotional plane) immersed or enveloped and which prevents us from seeing things as they really are. Furthermore this glamour is very difficult to detect. Human Beings are not aware of it because it has become a part of their history, making and nature. DK says on page 73 that:

“It is of such an ancient rhythm, being inherent in astral substance itself, that it is most difficult for a human being to become aware of it or understand it; it is the result of the age-long activity of human desire. It is a corporate part of man’s own energy nature (…).”

Glamour of materiality
One of the most pervading and enveloping glamours for humanity is the glamour of materiality. Humanity is blinded by and deluded with the false belief that the universe and everything in it is built on physical matter, that objective physical matter – the world of forms – is the only thing that really exists because it is the only thing we can perceive, direct or indirect, with our senses. What we cannot see doesn’t exist, is the mantra of materiality in the sense discussed here. The existence of subjective, hidden energies or forces, such as the soul, is rejected in this view, which is largely accepted in the world of academic science and spread from thereon to the intellectual part of humanity.

The result of this objective and exoteric view of reality works out as a one-sided focus on, and an exaggeration of the importance of material things. The rejection of a soul that breathes life into the forms surrounding us leads human beings into the belief that the material forms themselves are the most important things in human life.

A well-known effect of this human focus on materiality is its correlated experience of limitation, meaning that forms or things are not endless. This led to the economic concept of scarcity. This scarcity of the ‘most important thing there is’, material stuff, led logically to a fight for its acquisition. As a consequence money was invented as a tool to buy and sell things. Humanity is submerged in this glamour, or fog of materiality and money. According to DK this is the cause of all the present world distress.

 “The glamour of materiality is the cause of all the present world distress, for what we call the economic problem is simply the result of this particular glamour. Down the ages, this glamour has held the race increasingly interested, until today the entire world has been swept into the rhythm of money interest.” (GWP, p. 74)

The addiction of humanity on material things and especially on money is a serious problem and it is suffocating humanity in a craving for more and more, which can never be enough. The lower personalities of human beings can become totally submerged in the search for money and material stuff in the illusion that this is necessary for their survival and/or that it will bring happiness. A growing number of people start to notice this as a glamour or illusion, but the vast majority isn’t so far yet. Powerful forces are using this to their advantage to gain and hold power over the masses. In this way money has become a big divider of welfare and it still seems to become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the powerful few. This small group strangles a growing middle class in the grip of debt from which its members become increasingly dependent. To keep this machine running the production and consumption of material things is being pushed in an accelerating pace. This threatens the safety and welfare of humanity because the earth has to be exploited more and more, with the risk of depriving humanity from the necessary supplies mother earth can provide. Another threat is that the growing inequality is bringing the dangers of social upheavals, domination and warfare, as can be seen quite clearly in the present time.

The cause of glamour
Glamour arose in early Atlantean times as a result of the starting capacity of humanity to feel and the still lacking faculty to think. DK says in DINA II, page 623/4: “It is feeling without thought which has produced the world of illusion, of glamour, and of delusion. (… ) Astral energy—the energy of sensitive feeling reaction—has for millions of ages been thrown into activity by all the forms of life in all the kingdoms of nature. This has produced the world illusion.”

Feeling becomes emotion when thought is coming into play. Without thought there is just a feeling reaction without emotion. But when thought becomes present the feeling becomes emotion. DK says in DINA II, page 623: “Therefore, the relation between thought and feeling is called by us emotion. (…)Feeling can be (and frequently is) present where there is no thought at all. But when thought enters in, then the result of the interplay between thought and feeling is the production of emotion.”

All feeling emotion inevitably evokes desire when the emotion is recognized by the mind and registered in the astral body. This is the meaning of the concept of kama-manas, or desire-mind. A human being will desire a prolonging or repetition of any emotion which is pleasurable. He will simply want more. On the other hand he will try to resist or get rid of any negative emotion, like pain or fear. The only way to do this though is via clear thinking. As long as the faculty of thought is lacking there is no way to get out of the fog of glamour.

Dissipation of glamour
From the above follows that it is the power of thought, the capacity of clear thinking, which will lead humanity out of the fog and mist of the astral plane. DK says in DINA II, page 623/4: “It is thought, with its [Page 624] discriminating and analysing faculty which makes us aware of this maya in which we are ceaselessly walking. Thought throws a clear light into the fog and mists of the astral plane. (...) Only in the human family, however, is it (glamour; E.H.) seen for what it is, and the power of thought and the white light of the mind begin to play upon the matter of that plane...”

Of course humanity is in the possession of this faculty of thought for already a long time. According to Arthur E. Powell in ‘The Solar System’ (p. 76,168) about 16 ½ million years ago the spark of mind was planted into evolving humanity by an act of the so-called ‘Lords of the flame from Venus’, led by Sanat Kumara. But the process of evolution takes a long time and only in relatively recent times the faculty of thought is gaining power to become strong enough to start working on the dissipation of glamour.

Dissipation of any glamour on a wider level, such as the glamour of materiality, has to start with the dissipation of individual glamour. This is of course no easy task for the individual whose life is conditioned and dominated for ages by desire. DK gives in GWP (pages 202-221) a technique to work on this dissipation. What follows is a brief outline of this technique, which is being done by meditation:

  1. Recognise the glamour – how it hides the Real, and how it affects your life.
  2. Build a searchlight with a combination of the negative brain light, the positive point of mind light, combined with Soul Light. These three together form one searchlight.
  3. Affirm: “I dedicate my personality to the soul”. Align the mental, astral and physical bodies with the soul and see the soul accept the personality, forming one unit
  4. Relate the searchlight and the glamour on the astral plane by silently stating: “The searchlight will destroy the glamour” (name it specifically).

The essence of this technique is the usage of the clear thinking mind as a searchlight which has to be directed at the astral plane where the glamour dwells. It is important not to work in the astral field or body, but to build the light in the mental body and to shine it from this mental body towards the astral body.

This technique can be used for example to dissipate the individual glamour of money and its presumed necessity for survival. But again, because this glamour is very deeply pervaded into the human consciousness which is all around for the individual this is of course not easily accomplished. It probably takes prolonged and disciplined meditation with the use of the technique above. Which is what I am doing at the moment and I cannot say that I have fully overcome this glamour yet.

But according to DK there is hope to overcome this glamour of materiality not only individually but even for the whole world.

A rhythm emanating from soul levels has always existed, being established by Those Who have freed Themselves from the control of material requirements, from the thraldom of money and the love of possessions. Today that higher rhythm is commensurate with the lower rhythmic glamour, and hence the whole world is thinking in terms of the way out from this present material impasse. Those souls who stand in the light to be found upon the mountain top of liberation and those who are advancing upward out of the fogs of materiality are now sufficient in numbers to do some definite work in connection with the dissipation of this glamour.” (GWP, p. 74)

Glamour has an imprecise or foggy meaning, which describes something like illusion, or delusion, wherein humanity as a whole is immersed since the early Atleantean times. Its presence leads to the fact that reality is not seen as it actually is. One of the most pervading glamours is the glamour of materiality and money. Most of humanity lives in a haze, and believes of seems to believe that material things and money are the most important things there are and that one cannot live without it. This created and still creates a lot of world distress. Therefore the dissipation of this glamour is a very important step to take in the evolution of human consciousness. In this short paper a brief outline of a meditation technique is given that can be used to work on the dissipation process of glamour.

Eric Huysmans

Bailey, Alice, Discipleship in the New Age II (DINA II)
Bailey, Alice, Glamour a World Problem (GWP)
Powell, Arthur E., The Solar System (TSS)

Geplaatst door Eric Huysmans

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