What's happening on Earth? Is Being Unconditional the answer?

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(Juicy Living Tour | by Lilou Mace) Vidéo blog from Lilou following an email from Belinda

'Hi Lilou, I love you, you are a beautiful being. Thank you for what you do. I will contribute to your Juicy Living Tour when I can. I have watched and listened to many of your interviews. What strikes me lately is the difference in the messages of the different people you interview. I am talking about the ones who have predictions and stories of what they perceive as "happening" or "will happen". There are a lot of conflicting view points. My question to you is what do you think of this? Who do you believe or does that not matter?

I like your diversity and style of those whom you interview. Do you ever get confused or thrown off balance by what is being said by some of your guest? I also want to thank you for being so candid about your feelings. I recently watched you talk about feeling negative and tired a while back and how something brought you out of it. That was a brave thing for you to do, put your self out there as a real person, and that is exactly what you are.
Thanks again for being you, I appreciate you very much."

Source: juicylivingtour.com

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