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(Leonard Jacobson) Leonard Jacobson is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He teaches how to become fundamentally present and how to arise in mastery of your mind and ego, so that you are no longer involuntarily pulled out of Presence.

He has been teaching people how to be present for over 35 years. When you attend one of Leonard's events, you will enter into the direct experience of the awakened state.

What is actually happening is that the depth and power of Leonard's presence is calling up that dimension of you that is already whole and complete. Once you have directly experienced the awakened state, it will set in place the foundation for your own awakening.

Leonard teaches that the fully awakened state of consciousness is available now. It is not something that occurs in the future. It is not something that we can arrive at through spiritual practice. It is already here, waiting to be revealed. As you awaken into the present moment, your thoughts will stop, your mind will fall silent, and you will awaken to an inner silence and peace that is beyond understanding. You will begin to encounter what the mystics and Masters have been speaking of for centuries.

One of the most significant aspects of Leonard's teaching is his unique insight into the nature of the mind and ego. Leonard teaches us how to come into right relationship with the ego in a way that helps the ego to relax, and he teaches us how to integrate awakened consciousness into everyday life and relationships.

He is the founder of The Conscious Living Foundation, a registered non-profit organization. In 2005, he was awarded the Peace Prize by Religious Science International, although he is not affiliated or associated with any religion or church. His teaching is both inclusive of and transcendent of all religions and spiritual traditions. It is for all those genuinely seeking to awaken, and for all those who want to overcome the pain and limitations of the past, and open into an more loving and abundant world.

He is the author of five books, Words from Silence, Embracing the Present, Bridging Heaven & Earth and his latest book, Journey into Now, and a childrens book: In Search of the Light

He lives in Santa Cruz, California and offers evening teaching sessions, weekend workshops, and longer residential retreats in the United States, Europe, China, japan, France and Australia.

The ego is the main obstacle to human awakening. It does not matter how much you experience and appreciate being present, until you come into right relationship with the ego, you will not truly awaken. This is an essential step towards mastery of the mind and ego. Leonard has a unique and gifted ability to engage with your ego in a way that leads to the ego's relaxation and surrender. It is truly amazing to watch Leonard work with someone's ego. Just to witness this can transform your relationship with your own ego.

Many people have experienced Presence and have recognized the transformative value of being more present, and yet they are unable to maintain an appropriate level of Presence in their day to day lives and in their relationships.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that an unhealed or traumatized past will not release them from its grip. The second is that many people have emotions from the past repressed within them. They cannot be fundamentally present, because those repressed emotions are constantly being projected onto the present moment, distorting their experience of life.

Leonard is a gifted healer and mystic, who can penetrate beyond the veils of illusion into the very heart of whatever is holding you in the past, in a way that leads to completion, healing and release.

"My teaching has nothing to do with the past. It has everything to do with this moment, but sometimes we have to journey into the past to release ourselves from it."
- Leonard Jacobson

In 1981, Leonard experienced the first of a series of spontaneous mystical awakenings that profoundly altered his perception of life, truth, and reality. Each of these enlightenment experiences revealed deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, filling his teachings and his writings with profound wisdom, clarity, love and compassion. Leonard dwells in the heart of the mystery. Just to be in his presence is to experience Oneness and the Eternal. His teachings bring clarity to all religions and spiritual traditions. He speaks of the soul and its journey in a way that makes sense of every aspect of your life, even those that are the most painful.

For those who have been on a spiritual path for many years, but still find themselves sometimes caught in the mind and emotional reactions, Leonard offers finely tuned guidance that that can deliver them into the fully awakened state.

For those who are just starting out on a path of awakening, Leonard's ability to express the most profound truth in a clear and simple way, together with his unique insight into the nature of the mind and ego, can quickly lead to Presence, truth, love, power and freedom.

For those who want to live a more present, conscious and abundant life, Leonard's teachings reveal the way.

Leonard is not a Christian, nor is he associated with any religion or set of religious beliefs, and yet in 1981, during his first awakening, and again in 1984 during his second awakening, he experienced some startling revelations about the life, death and teachings of Jesus. Although a radical departure from traditional Christian beliefs, these revelations illuminate the teachings of Jesus and reveal how his words were misused and misunderstood. Reluctant to speak of these revelations for many years, he finally wrote about them in his third book, Bridging Heaven & Earth. More recently, Leonard has shared these revelations in the form of a one-man play, Liberating Jesus, which he wrote and has performed in various locations around the world. In this play, Leonard plays the role of Jesus returned today, revealing an entirely different view of Jesus, one that is highly relevant to those on a path of awakening. Liberating Jesus is now available on DVD.

Being present is a fundamental key to true awakening. But even if you are not on a spiritual path, you will benefit immensely from becoming more present in your life and in your relationships.


As you become more present,

  • You will heal the emotional traumas of the past.
  • You will free yourself from the limiting beliefs learned in childhood.
  • You will not react so emotionally.
  • You will be free from blame, guilt, and resentment.
  • You will be more in touch with your feelings.
  • You will feel more empowered.
  • You will feel less anxious about the future.
  • You will be less judgmental of yourself and others.
  • You will not lose yourself in seeking acceptance and approval from others.
  • You will feel less afraid of death, and more available to life.
  • You will be more spontaneous and adventurous.
  • You will be more open and loving.
  • You will be more aware and conscious.

“Being present will enhance every aspect of your life!”

Voor meer informatie over Leonards leringen, zie zijn website:

Boek: Journey into Now, binnenkort ook verkrijgbaar in het nederlands!

Over Journey into Now:

Reis naar het Nu

Af en toe verschijnt er een boek, dat onze levens kan transformeren en ons optilt naar een totaal nieuw niveau van bewustzijn. « Reis naar het Nu » is zo`n boek.

Met accurate precisie begeleidt de auteur de lezer langs de weg naar ontwaken, via de bevrijding van de pijn en begrenzingen uit het verleden naar de vreugdevolle  en onbegrensde wereld van NU.

Dit boek onthult op de meest eenvoudige wijze hoe je de geest tot rust kunt brengen om volledig Aanwezig te zijn en wakker te worden in de waarheid van het leven. Als een essentieel deel van zijn begeleiding naar het moment van NU dringt de auteur diep door in het mysterie van ons bestaan.

Hij openbaart de verborgen sleutels naar verlichting. Hij verschaft inzicht in de diepste vragen die we ons moeten stellen als we fundamenteel Vrij willen zijn.

Hij spreekt over de reis van de ziel op dusdanige wijze, dat er een perspectief wordt geboden voor het totaal van ons leven. Hij transformeert problemen en moeilijkheden  in mogelijkheden tot ontwaken.

Het wellicht meest interessante aspect van dit boek is het unieke inzicht van de  auteur in de aard van het verstand en het ego. Hij beschrijft in detail hoe de weerstand van het ego tegen Aanwezig zijn in het Nu het grootste obstakel is voor verlichting, en hoe we deze weerstand kunnen overwinnen  op een simpele en effectieve manier.

Elke bladzijde van dit boek openbaart een deel van het mysterie. Er zijn verborgen sleutels tot ontwaken op elke bladzijde. Het lijkt wel op een wegenkaart naar huis toe.

  • Een week Retreat in het hart van de Provence: 5-12 oktober 2013! Meer info: [email protected]




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