One minute meditation

One Minute Meditation

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(Next World TV) Based on the book, One-Moment Meditation, this video shows you how to meditate in just a moment. Learn to reduce stress, calm down, focus, and find peace ... right now.

Turn The Noise Off For 60 Seconds

Most people are aware that if only they could cultivate a meditation practice, their stress levels would go down, their joy levels would go up, they could control anger, and get closer to the inner essence of who they really are. But meditation seems daunting, and many are simply put off or intimidated, or think it requires a guru or teacher, or maybe even a cave or mountaintop.

This video is the perfect introduction to introducing meditation into your life if you will just give it one single minute, and observe the difference in how you feel. We live in a harried, hectic world. It is much much better to meditate for one minute a few times a day, when stress hits us, than to try and often fail, to carve out 20 or 30 minutes, but never get to it.

We hope this video inspires you to begin to meditate, one minute at a time.


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