Interview met James van 'The Wingmakers'

Chamber 24

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James wanted to transmit his view on a wide range of topics from WingMakers:

The Lyricus Teaching Organization, The Grand Portal, Event Temples, human destiny, individual purpose, 2012, heart/mind integration, and a variety of other topics and insights. Going well beyond platitudes and the clichés of the consciousness community, James presents new textures and subtlety to the materials he's offered in his three websites.

With a deep baritone voice and a hint of Spanish accent, James brings forward his personal mission with clarity, depth and intensity. This is the first time James has allowed an interview of any kind, and certainly it's the first time he's allowed his voice to be heard directly by the public."

Interview with James – Session 1 (48:48 long, 22.3 MB, MP3)

Interview with James – Session 2 (54:23 long, 24.9 MB, MP3)

Interview with James – Session 3 (57:59 long, 26.5 MB, MP3)

Geplaatst door Arjan Bos.

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