Lucia René: Unplugging the Patriarchy – a Project Avalon Interview

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(Project Avalon) This new video, with author, teacher, mystic, and woman's activist Lucia René, is an intriguing discussion about the role of women - and men - in today's world: essentially an esoteric perspective on what could be called the depth psychology of power.

Lucia states that the days of the Patriarchy - which has been in command on Planet Earth for thousands of years - are coming to an end. Women are now beginning to stand in their own power... and with it, the role of men is being redefined.

Whatever gender you are, this is a timely and deeply interesting interview. Lucia's book is an important one for our changing times, and as a man - apologizing for the abusive attitudes and actions of many of my fellow men for countless generations - I'm delighted to be giving it the prominence it deserves.


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