Archaeological renaissance in Visoko

Vrijwilligers aan het werk in Visoko

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(Piramidasunca | Dr. Sam Osmanagich) The Bosnian Pyramids research is more active than ever. From June to September, for the last 11 years, the excavations at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun have been ongoing. Hundreds of volunteers, professionals and non-professionals alike, from Europe, Asia, both Americas and Australia, have joined Foundation’s team in revealing the concrete blocks at the greatest and the oldest pyramid in the world. It’s an impressive image of the young people and those which feel young in their hearts, coming to Visoko year after year, to work for free and also becoming the Ambassadors of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the world.

Clearing of the Tunnel Labyrinth Ravne, located below the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, is performed continuously throughout the year. The employees of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation during the last 11 years have cleared and secured 1900 meters of the existing prehistorical tunnels. In the end of August, they’ve found another opened section with water, 58 meters long. It’s a special feeling to enter into the space in which a human foot hasn’t made a step for thousands of years. In the video, you can see the first entry in the tunnel made by the Principal Investigator Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

It seems that the modified hill named the Bell Tower in the “Archeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2” is hiding many secrets. During the season 2016, the Foundation "Archeological Park: Pyramid of the Sun volunteers have opened four probes and found two tunnels. One is 15 meters long with the chamber, and the other one is five meters long. The first tunnel is adapted and turned into the “Orgon (life) Chamber” and has been operational since 2017. At the end of the elevation, on the north side, the Foundation employees have discovered another hollow, at the end of August 2017. At the moment, the small chamber is being cleared as well as the access to it. We are planning to finish it during this season and to open it to the public in the next year as the new meditation spot. The expert team for the energy phenomena from Belgrade has performed the measurements which have shown the identical values for the electric fields, ultrasound and the level of the orgon energy on the Bell Tower and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The connectivity is obvious and not only by the energy. Namely, the Bell Tower is spread two kilometer to the south, then half a kilometer to the east and it ends in the greatest pyramid in the world. The “energy ringing” starts at the Park “Ravne 2” exactly at the Bell Tower. The purpose of the hollows, tunnels and (resonant) chambers is essential. These passages amplify existing natural energy sources created by the underground water streams and quartz crystal.

During the season 2017, the visitors of the Underground Tunnels Ravne have spoken to the Foundation’s videographer about their testimonies and healings which happened after tunnel visit and being exposed to the pyramid energy. 

In December 2017, Dr. Sam Osmanagich will host the exclusive tour visiting all most important archaeological sites in Egypt. Information and applications.

In February 2018, Dr. Osmanagich is a host to the unique tour in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Click here for more info.

Source: Piramidasunca

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