August-September energy update-upgrades, bigger lives and the power of community

Lee Harris

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(Lee Harris) This is an inward focused healing time - Keeping your external focus as small as possible will suit most of us. Launches and Externalized creations will flow (and be received) better from mid September onward. (As always, there will be a smaller number of you who are loving launching right now - see the section below called urgency to create).
* THE SWIRL OF HISTORY ON THE WORLD STAGE - History is being re-examined and healed from the inside out but VERY SLOWLY. The past 100 years is being focused on through certain world events and there is an uncomfortable and challenging healing arc taking place. That which is no longer working is being squeezed to the surface. This affects the nervous system so choose your battles wisely. Notice when external distractions and dramas deplete you and step back from time to time.
* BE MINDFUL OF FEAR OR ANXIETY BASED ACTION - Fear and anxiety is activated in the collective. Check that your own actions are not being unconsciously driven by anxiety or fear as that can produce chaotic or distorted results and relationships.
* URGENCY TO CREATE AND ACT - Breakthroughs and brilliance are AT THEIR BEST for many right now, including the birth of new talents, abilities, desires or experiences. A smaller percentage of awakened souls are shining brightly and riding this trail right now. Keep going and know that it won’t always be comfortable or known as you progress into new territories. One step at a time creates a journey along a new pathway.
* COMMUNITY IS VITAL - whether it is humans, nature or animals that are your preferred community. Community moments and building over the next few months will be important for your well-being, your nervous system and the ability to share in and alchemize together the current energies, rather than trying to feel and find your way through it all alone. SET AN INTENTION to bring good community into your life and let go of your story of isolation or loneliness. Know that whatever fears, tears or sorrow around loneliness will then start to release in tandem with your intention.
* HEART HEALING is on the table in a big way right now. This can show up as dreams or daydreams about significant people and moments in your life. It can also show up as more palpable/felt vulnerability, tenderness or the need to nurture your greater sensitivity while a more expanded heart energy settles into your life. Where relationships are lacking in mutual respect or heart energy, they can rise to the surface for re-examination or negotiation with those people.
* THIRD EYE opening is on the rise. Mental Confusion/disorientation can be a byproduct when your intuitive visionary mind moves in to take up more of the space than your linear thinking mind. This can lead to an abundance of ideas - remember you only need ONE good idea in terms of action you take. The Third Eye sees many possibilities and timelines. The awakened human can only ground and create so much at any one time. Journaling your ideas or writing down your vision can help you feel less overwhelmed by rising THIRD EYE activity.
* THIS WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO ARE YOU - Right now we are being called to ELEVATE and UPGRADE - to live BIGGER LIVES than we did before (whether you feel this inside or outside in your life). You may feel as much nervousness as excitement around this invited growth. Some days there will be more progress than others. Tend to daily silences, still moments and self-care for your heart, and this upgrade will be supported at the highest level by you.
"SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SKY AND THE GROUND, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SILENCE AND THE SOUND - THERE YOU ARE." (Extract from the channeled song/mantra in new MP3 ‘Your Big Life’ - and a useful compass for sensitives, light workers and awakened souls right now.)


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