Resonance-Beings of Frequency


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Bron:Waking Times

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Straling en electrosmog, Kanker

Een zeer boeiende documentaire over de effecten van magnetische velden veroorzaakt door mobiele telefonie op de gezondheid van dier en mens.

(Waking Times) Documentary Film: The earth itself vibrates as a resonance of 7.83Hz and better known as the Schumann Resonance. This vibration is considered the natural state of everything.

"If mankind has the ability to sense magnetic fields. The same ability as the bees, the birds and the butterflies, does that also mean that we are as vulnerable as they are to man-made frequenties? Would changes in our environment affect us as it is clearly affecting them?"

"With the advent of the mobile phone in the 1980's there came a need to build a network of antenna's to support them. But prior to filling the air with microwave frequencies, the telecom companies didn't conduct a single piece of research to ensure there wouldn't be any longterm health affects from such an exposure. The grid was built without being sure it was safe ..."


Waking Time

Geplaatst door Redactie Earth Matters

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